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How to sew a quilt

How to sew a quilt

There comes a time to warm - a picnic, often want to be in nature, in the fresh air.

What blanket picnic choose?

And because you can make a blanket with his hands - it was the same color and size as you'd like.

You will need

  • 2 m of vinyl fabric (you can use a soft canvas or some other waterproof material) - 2 m with a soft cloth (flannel or fleece) - nozhnitsy- nitki- sewing mashikna.



Cut the flannel fabric so that it is 2-3 cm less than the vinyl fabric on each side.

How to sew a quilt


Spread the vinyl fabric face down.

Top neatly in the middle, lay flannel. Align it in the middle so that the padding on all sides were equal.

How to sew a quilt


Carefully tuck the edge of vinyl fabric. Rounding edges on vinyl cloth, fasten them with pins or prometayte.


Do this with each of the parties. Sew the edges on the sewing machine.

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