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How to sew a pillow on a chair Napoleon

How to sew a pillow on a chair Napoleon

Agree that it is much nicer to sit on a soft chair, rather than on a flat stool.

That is why I invite you to make pillow-sidushku called "Napoleon".

You will need

  • - A dense fabric of bright colors in eg
  • - Colors- scarlet cloth
  • - Foam 1 cm thick
  • - Thin sintepon-
  • - Satin ribbons of white and beige colors-
  • - nitki-
  • - igolka-
  • - Scissors.



From dense tissue must be cut two roundparts of the same size, the diameter of which is equal to the diameter of the stool. Also, do not forget to leave a couple of centimeters on allowances. Once the circles are ready to put them on top of each other so that the faces were inside, then stitch Overcasting stitch on the sewing machine.


After sewing, leave an opening 10centimeters - through it to turn out to be blank. Do not forget to put the stitching round parts between two satin ribbons - they are necessary in order to bind the future to the stool cushion. Such preparations should be 4-5.


After the preform ready, they must befoam fill. To do this, cut a circle out of the filler with a diameter equal to the diameter of the workpiece, and put it through the left hole. The second item should be the same stuff is not foam and synthetic padding, ie the need to alternate the two filler. Do not forget to pack at the end of sew up the hole manually. Billets sew together.


From satin ribbon should be cut into strips, lengthwhich is 25 centimeters. The resulting tape should be tightened so as to obtain a kind of flower. Middle, to make this flower of scarlet cloth. Such details should be 12.


For the uppermost blank products should sewjust make the colors so that they are at the same distance. It is necessary to fix the hack on a stool using ribbons. Pillow on the chair "Napoleon" is ready!

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