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How to sew a pillow-ladybird

How to sew a pillow-ladybird

Pillows - the universal gift, you can give your favorite sister, mother, grandmother, aunt.

I propose to make a nice pillow-ladybug that is sure to enjoy the one to whom you gave it, because it so much warmth and love!

You will need

  • -flis red, black and white
  • -2 Black buttons
  • -Black lace
  • -2 pompom
  • -sintepon



To start cut out the pattern pieces ladybug paper. Then transfer to the fabric of the corresponding color.


We spread the wings and hearts to the eyes on the headladybird and pinned their needles. Then we sew these parts either by hand or on a typewriter. Under the hearts you can put a bit of padding polyester. The pupils of the eyes sew black buttons. Mouth embroider embroidery with red threads. On the breast of a ladybug sew red heart.


Now you need to make wings. Take one piece with a sewn heart and sew it to the same, but without the heart, right sides inward. We reserve the top is sewn, gut-wrenching, otutyuzhivaem. Also we do other wing. Tack them to the back of a ladybug.


Sew on the pompons laces - this will be the antennae. Sew the back and top of the head ladybug inserting mustache between them.


Also sew the breast and the lower part of the head, leaving a small opening. It is useful to us later for eversion.


Sew all the details of 12 feet. Total they should get 6 pieces. Feet fills synthetic padding. Now sew the front and back of the ladybug by inserting them between the legs. Wrenched through the left before the hole fills with synthetic padding, opening a hidden seam shut. Pillow-toy is ready!

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