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How to sew a cushion-ladybug


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Spread the hearts on the wings and eyes on the headLadybug and pin them with needles. Further we sew these details either manually or on a typewriter. Under the hearts you can put a little sintepon. In the pupils of the eye we sew black buttons. Embroider the mouth with red thread. On the chest of the ladybird we sew a red heart.


Now you need to make wings. We take one detail with sewn hearts and sew it with the same, but without hearts, faces inward. We leave the top not sewn, we turn out, iron it. We also make the second wing. We take them to the back of the ladybug.


Sew on the laces pompoms - this will be a mustache. Sew the back and the top of the head of the ladybug, inserting the antennae between them.


Also we sew the breast and the lower part of the head, leaving a small hole. It will come in handy later for turning out.


Sew all 12 parts of the legs. Total of them should be 6 pieces. Fill the legs with a sintepon. Now we sew the front and back parts of the ladybug, inserting the legs between them. We turn out through the hole left before, fill it with sintepon, close the hole with a secret seam. Pillow-toy is ready!

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