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How to sew a pillow for wedding rings

How to sew a pillow for wedding rings

Wedding in the style of the country - is good and cute holiday, where everything is at home.

Emphasize the wedding mood can unusual pillow for wedding rings from intricately woven belts, which can make the bride herself.

This cushion for many years will remind the couple of the most important and vibrant day in their lives.

You will need

  • -zhakkardovaya ribbon polka dots, checkered and striped
  • -lnyanaya fabric
  • -flizelin
  • -filler
  • -wide tape
  • -button



Cut strips of 6 ribbons with polka dots, 8 - instriped and 16 - in the box. . Length of each 25 cm Cut the nonwoven square 26 by 26 cm and attach it to the needles ribbon in this order: checkered, striped, checkered, polka dots, etc.


Begin braiding. The tape in the box below to start up the first strip, and then alternate "on a two - on two." Fix the needles. The second line: tape striped embarks alternating "under one - on one." The third line: the tape in the box "on two - under two." The fourth line: polka dot ribbon passes first over the front page, then under a second, and then alternate "on three - under one". And so we binded all ribbons, repeating pattern from the first line to fourth until the very end. All lines anchoring needles.


When everything is ready, cover with gauze and captivityiron hot iron to a good fleece stuck. To fix the tape, you need to stitch on the machine between the two seam zig-zag. To weave is not deformed, it is better to start scribbling with his middle to the edge.


Now the resulting fabric to sew the same inthe size of the web of linen fabric. We reserve the hole, to turn out, fill with synthetic padding, opening a hidden seam shut. At the center of the pillow sew ribbon polka dot about 50 cm long in the form of a loop with long ends.


Of the two identical segments ribbons with polka dots make a loop in the form of an infinity sign and sew on the pillow.


Then we take a broad ribbon, sew the ends, we gather around the edge on a thread and tightens. The resulting Flower sew pillow, midway decorate a button. The pillow is ready!

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