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How to sew a pillow-cloud

How to sew a pillow-cloud

Original cushion in the form of clouds will cause positive emotions and positive mood in both children and adults.

Sew a pillow can be from any tissue.

But if you decide to make its fur, you will need to follow some rules.

You will need

  • -artificial fur
  • -plyush or velor
  • -filler



Cut out the pattern pads of paper. Put fur face on the table and describes the pattern. Fur should be cut in the direction of its pile. Cutting is best done with a special knife for cutting or blade, cutting only the base and without damaging the fur pile. The second side kroim of plush or suede.


Fold both sides of the pillow front side andtack. Stitched by, leaving a hole from the bottom cushion. When working with fur with a long nap in the lines to be careful to fill the villi inside scissors or a needle.


Gut-wrenching. Gently pull trapped in the seam of the villi pin. Securely fills the pillow filler, pre-fluffed his fingers. Hole carefully sutured.


If you decide to sew a pillow of a monochromatic fabric you can sew on the pillow eyes, cheeks, mouth, arms and legs to sew, bow. Get such funny cute cloud.

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