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How to sew a pillow case on papasan

Armchair papasan

Papasan - so called reclining chair,made of rattan and upholstered cushion with a huge circular shape. Unfortunately, cushions for chairs do not have a removable cover and wash them very laborious task.

Try to make your own case for Papasan chair.

With textiles you can easily diversify interior and solve the problem with cleaning.

You will need

  • - Thick cloth-
  • - Lightning about 1 m-
  • - Pencil or soap-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Thread in the tissue-color
  • - sewing machine.



We measure our old pillow papasan asTypically, the diameter of a cushion equal to 150 cm. We buy fabric 150h300sm size, folding the material twice seamy side up, and put a pillow of the chair for a sketch of the path.


Outline the contour pencil handy iflight fabric, or a piece of soap, if it is dark in color. It is necessary to step back a couple of centimeters from the contours or to trim the fabric in a circle. We've got two round parts that we have to stitch together on the sewing machine.


Preferred to start with a zipper insertion, and then proceed with the remainder of the cross-linking components.

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