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How to sew a loop on the curtain

How to sew a loop on the curtain

A variety of curtains offered by the manufacturers and trading organizations, can strike anyone, even a very experienced person.

What you did not see on the shelves: the curtains-shirts, with ties, with lambrequins on the eyelets and magnets.

The most common type - any loose fabric cloth from the eaves, moving horizontally.

One of the most used methods of fastening curtains are loops that can be successfully sew yourself.

You will need

  • - karniz-
  • - shtory-
  • - tesma-
  • - sewing machine-
  • - Thread.



Before you start doing loops,decide the height and handle top curtains. Note that the width of the mounting tape should have to close from the inside hem fabric. If an open ledge, and you are using a narrow webbing, then add 3 cm. This is done to ensure that the loop does not peeping over the curtain to the desired amount of tissue for treatment.


Hinges can be secured to the curtain by means of Velcro orSeat buttons, sometimes performing the role of the loop ring that is attached to the curtain clamps or magnetic rings. Effectively look curtains tied with ribbons to the bar.


Loop itself can be made of fabric strips,lace or a strong thick thread. To do this, you need to determine the number of loops to measure the distance between the hinge and mark with chalk or pencil these places. Loops can be made long, can be short, it depends on the eaves, like curtains and interior. However, they should be identical. Before you cut the strips of cloth, be sure to measure out, and then prostrochite each loop along. Sewn loop by hand - a long and troublesome task, so use a sewing machine. Remember that the loop should be strong. In addition, you can buy in the store ready webbing with loops and just sew it to the blind.


The hinges needed to sew on the mounting braid before it is connected with the curtain. Bands can shrink, so it is better to pre-ironed with steam.


Webbing loops ready to put down on topoverlaps the front side of the upper allowance, the edges are aligned. Stitch is necessary so that a line drawn from the wrong side of the fabric, webbing captured. Therefore it is necessary to withstand indentation from the top of the fabric at the same level throughout the line. In that case, if the fabric is transparent, it is done with ease. When working with an opaque cloth, use a guide line, built into a sewing machine or a magnetic limiter.


Once the line is ready, maketie-off and cut the braid with an allowance of 2 cm. Then tuck the seam allowance, braid wrap on the wrong side curtains on the bottom of the fold. For further actions iron the iron crook. Ready line should not look through the front of the curtain, as it remained under the braid.


blinds turn face, braid shouldbe the bottom, make a mark using a second, anchoring, line. Then turn on the wrong side of the curtain, lay full length and iron iron stock across the width of curtains. After that you can hang the curtains on the ledge.

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