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How to sew a loop on the blind


How to sew a loop on the blind</a>

The variety of curtains offered today by manufacturers and trading organizations, can amaze any, even very sophisticated person.

What can not you see on the shelves: curtains, T-shirts, on the tie, with a lambrequin, on the eyelets and magnets.

The most common type is the freely hanging cloth from the eaves, moving horizontally.

One of the most used ways of fastening curtains are loops that can be sewn on their own.

You will need

  • - cornice-
  • - curtains-
  • - braid-
  • - sewing machine-
  • - thread.



Before you start to engage in loops,Determine the height and process the top of the curtains. Please note that the width of the mounting tape must necessarily cover the hem of the fabric from the wrong side. If the cornice is open and you use a narrow braid, add 3 cm to the required amount of fabric. This is done so that the loops do not look over the curtains.


The hinges can be fastened to the curtain using velcro orFastened buttons, sometimes the role of loops is performed by rings, hooks attached to the curtain or magnetic rings. Effectively look curtains, tied with bows to the bar.


The loop itself can be made from strips of fabric,Lace or just a thick strong thread. To do this, you need to determine the number of loops, measure the distance between the loops and mark the places with chalk or a simple pencil. Hinges can be made long, can be short, it depends on the eaves, such as curtains and interior. But they must be the same. Before cutting the strips of fabric, be sure to measure, and then stitch each loop along. Sewing loops manually is a long and troublesome task, so use a sewing machine. Remember that the hinges should be sturdy. In addition, you can buy a ready-made braid with hinges in the store and just sew it to her curtain.


Hinges need to be sewn on the mounting tape before it is connected to the curtain itself. Tape can shrink, so it is better to iron it with steam beforehand.


The braid is put up with loops down, from aboveThe front side of the upper stock is applied, the edges overlap. Stitching is necessary so that the line made on the wrong side of the fabric, grabbed the braid. Therefore, one should maintain the indentation from the upper border of the tissue at the same level throughout the entire line. In the event that the fabric is transparent, this is done with ease. When working with opaque cloth, use the guide ruler built into the sewing machine or magnetic limiter.


After the line is ready, makeAnd cut the braid with an allowance of 2 cm. Then tighten the allowance, wrap the braid on the underside of the curtains along the fold of the lower part. For further action iron the fold. The finished line should not be seen on the front side of the curtain, as it remained under the braid.


Blind Flip the front side, the braid shouldBe on the bottom, make a second stitching stitch using the marking. Then turn the curtain over the underside, spread out the entire length and iron the allowance over the entire width of the curtain. After that, curtains can be hung on the cornice.

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