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How to sew a blind Japanese

How to sew a blind Japanese

Japanese curtains - the perfect complement to the interior, executed in the eastern spirit.

Like everything in Japan, they are functional, original, Japanese exquisitely beautiful, and, with a little skill and imagination, you can make your own hands.

You will need

  • - the cloth
  • - Sewing Supplies



First, decide the selection of the material fromyou will sew the Japanese curtains. To do this, go to the store curtain fabrics and accessories, there select the desired tissue. To Japanese curtains fit silk, linen, cotton - light and most natural of black fabric, beige, brown colors, as well as natural, "natural" colors: yellow, green, red, blue.


The next step - the purchase of cornice. Distributed ledges 2, 2.5, 3 meters, divided into fixed-length sectors, which need to adhere to, vykraivaya curtains. Their length is 60 cm. The number of strings, usually from three to five, which can create different combinations, pushing them with a special connector at the bottom of the metal weighting.


To make Japanese blind, Cut the cloth of rectangular form, givenallowances and hem, and possible tissue shrinkage. A distinctive feature of Japanese curtains is the limit and the lack of restraint assemblies, belts, grabs and other accessories. Options can be cut two: all the paintings of the same length or different lengths of cloth, then hung out as columns chart, randomly or ladder. The length you can choose for yourself: to the floor or slightly below the sill.


Before the Japanese make blind, Perform the adjustment items, all folded fabric together and cut the excess.


Treat the lower side (if the fabric was originallywithout weighting agent) and side edges of the web. The sections can be simply scribbling, tucked 1 cm closed cut and treat the bottom Drawstring not zastrachivaya allowances.


To the curtains it easier to remove for washing, cloth glued to the Velcro, which is necessary to leave 1-2 cm of the total length of the curtains.


At the end of otutyuzhte well all panels, specialattention is paid to the sides, which play an important role in the appearance of curtains. Glue the fabric to the Velcro, slide the lower weighting in the scenes.

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