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How to sew a hole in jeans

How to sew a hole in jeans</a>

The wipes and holes on the jeans are good under certain conditions, if this is the trend of the season. In all other cases, holes on jeans? It's inappropriate slovenliness.

Especially if they appeared on the tissue between the legs as a result of constant friction.

However, throwing out these jeans is too early, they can be restored.

You will need

  • Pieces of denim to patch, thread, needle, sewing machine or overlock



Find in the house pieces of denim thatCould stay after you shortened your jeans. And, perhaps, in your closet are old jeans that you once also did not want to throw away. Now is their hour? They can come in handy for patches (if, of course, the texture and color are similar to the restored jeans).


Lay out the jeans on the table so that the hole is goodWas visible, and outline a contour with a size slightly larger than the hole itself (can be chalked or an eye). From a piece of denim, cut out the patch according to the intended size and sweep it by hand or on the overlock.


Attach the patch with the front side to the backThe side of the jeans in place of the hole. That is, the front of the patch should be visible through the hole. Fix the patch. To do this, stitch it manually with large stitches. Option: grind patch with jeans with needles.


Now that the patch is fixed, you canTo proceed to its strong sewing. On the sewing machine, or better on the overlock (you can stitch the zig-zag), sew a patch to the jeans. Jeans at this stage must be turned inside out; The front side is at the bottom, but before your eyes? The inside of the pants and the underside of the patch.


Turn out the jeans. After the patch is firmly sewn, middle line (or stitching back and forth), stretch the areas where the edges of the hole meet with the patch. That is, sew the patch to the edges of the hole from the front of the jeans.

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