How to sew a hole

How to sew a hole</a>

You put on your favorite jeans and see that they are torn, moreover in the most prominent place.

What can we do with them now?

Really can not be sewn?

You will need

  • Denim fabric of the same shade or dense fabric of the same structure and color, sewing machine, thread, needle.



On the site of jeans, which must be mended,Mark the place of the future patch. Make a patchwork pattern, transfer it to the fabric and gently cut. Wrap the prepared patch on all edges. You can do this with your hands or with a sewing machine using a zigzag line.


Now attach the patch with the front side to the inside of the jeans, secure with pins and sweep. Sewing the patch is best on the sewing machine with a thin zigzag in the edge of the edge.


Now twist the jeans on the front side. Most often, jeans form holes in the form of scuffs or just burst the fabric in several places nearby. The patch fixes the damaged area, but the holes themselves, if they are small, do not seal. On the front side, fix small holes on the patch with the help of the machine line forwards and backwards or zigzag, as you like.

How to sew a hole

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