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How to sew a heating pad for a teapot


How to sew a heating pad for a teapot</a>

Sewing a hot water bottle on the kettle is easy! A hot water bottle is a very useful thing.

Warmers keep heat inside the kettle for a long time, thanks to this, useful essential oils and tea aroma are preserved.

And we can drink hot tea without fear that it will cool down and lose its flavor.

Such a nice hot-water bottle can be given to mom or grandmother.

After all, March 8 is just around the corner ...

You will need

  • - Two close in coloring piece of cloth
  • -shape braid
  • -synthesis
  • -lining fabric
  • - contrasting color fabric
  • -sewing machine



Measure the circumference of the kettle (taking into account the handle andSpout) and its height. In accordance with these dimensions, make a pattern on the proposed form. Because Both parts of the heating pad are combined from two colors of fabrics, then we need to sew the strips of fabric beforehand, inserting the braid into the seams and ironing.


Next, using a ruler, draw parallelBands at equal distances from each other. We put a layer of sintepon and spend all the bands on the typewriter. From such quilted fabric we will cut out the front and back parts of the heating pad.


Next, you need to make an application from the contrastTissue. We take special paper for applications, it is sold in shops for needlework, we glue it with one side to the wrong side of the fabric for applique. Cut out the figure of the kettle and paste it to the future pocket. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.


Now you need to detach the contour of the teapot with a decorative seam on the typewriter, for example, zig-zag. We mark the ready pocket to the front part of the heating pad. We spend it.


We make an eyelet, on which it will be possible to hang a prepared heating pad. We put the parts of the hot-water bottle face-down inside, without forgetting to put the eyelet and spend it.


Cut out lining details of the lining,Stitching, ironing. We put the lining in the heating pad and carefully sew. The edge can be treated with an oblique bake of a suitable color. To lining well held, sew it in some places with a secret seam to the hot water bottle.

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