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How to sew a fur collar


How to sew a fur collar</a>

The need to sew a fur collar does not only come from someone who sews a winter coat or a jacket.

Fur has the property of aging, it sometimes needs to be cleaned or restored.

In addition, there may be a desire to do something useful from an old fur coat.

Most often it is the collar or the edge for the cap.

It is important to sew them so that they sit firmly and elegantly.

You will need

  • - collar-
  • - the under-
  • - calico or chintz-
  • - non-woven fleece-
  • - glutinous fleece-
  • - the side-
  • - Sintepon-
  • - tailor pins-
  • - sewing machine-
  • - needles-
  • - thread.



Undercollar Can be made from fur or from the same fabric as the coat. It depends on this, how you will sew collar. In any case, he himself collar Need to be strengthened. To do this, take a thin cotton cloth and circle the contours, adding on all sides allowances of 1 cm. The fabric will be inside the product, so it does not really matter which side to cut it. Cut out the detail.


Put the collar down with fur and cover it with a detailfrom fabric. Make sure that the same allowances remain on all sides. Pull the fabric over the fur detail. This should be done with stitches of medium length, about 1.5 cm. Do not pierce through the skin. It should only be slightly stitched. Fold the edges of the fabric to collar Protruded from all sides about 1 cm. That is, it turns out that the cotton piece needs to be bent around the entire perimeter by 2 cm. In the same way, cut out the calico or calico napkin for the fur undercollarBut, fasten it and tuck it. To make it easier to pripachat undercollar, It is possible on the edge collarAnd sew the braid.


Carry out a non-stick v-ribbed under the form undercollara. In size, it should be exactly the same as a cotton gasket. Instead of non-woven linen, you can use a collar and other fabric of the same type. This detail is needed to collar Better kept in shape. Sew it to the cotton layer.


Fold collar and undercollar Fur to each other. Kick them with tailor's pins or swipe in several places. Sew the parts together. The collar is slightly largercollarAnd, therefore, it is planted. Leave an open cut, which will be pruned to the neck. Turn out what you got.


Your further actions depend on the situation and on the thickness of the product. Align the open slice undercollarBut with a neckline. Fur undercollarBut must be in contact with the fur of the product. Grind the future seam in several places. If the machine takes such a thickness, stitch the details. You can sew them with a furrier's seam. Unclosed slice collarAnd bend and sew to the coat with a strong concealed seam.


If you are sewing collar To a coat, then undercollar Will not be made of fur, but of the same fabric as theproduct. In this case, you can strengthen it with glued fleece. For the second gasket, take a sintepon or batting. All gaskets must be cut strictly along the contour. Synteponovuyu or batting swipe to flizeline.


If undercollar Not yet sewn to a coat, pritachaet it in the same way as to any other product, combining the front sides of the parts. Apply collar And bend its edges along the contour. Sew the fur with a hidden seam along the entire perimeter collara.

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