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How to sew a fur collar

How to sew a fur collar

Need to sew a fur collar is not unique to the person who sews himself a winter coat or jacket.

Fur is aging property, it is sometimes necessary to clean or restore.

In addition, you may want to make something useful out of an old coat.

Most often this is for the collar or edge caps.

It is important to sew them so that they were durable and elegant.

You will need

  • - collar-
  • - podvorotnik-
  • - Calico or sitets-
  • - Nekleevoy flizelin-
  • - Adhesive flizelin-
  • - bortovka-
  • - sintepon-
  • - Tailor bulavki-
  • - sewing machine-
  • - igolki-
  • - Thread.



Undercollar It can be made of fur or of the same fabric as the coat. It depends on which way you sew collar. In any event itself collar We need to be strengthened. To do this, take a thin cotton cloth and draw the contours, adding all sides allowances to 1 cm. The fabric will be inside the product, so do not care which side of her cut. Cut a piece.


Put fur collar down and cover partfrom fabric. Make sure that all sides were equal allowances. Nastegayte tissue on fur detail. This should be done stitches average length of about 1.5 cm. Mezdra while not pierce through. It is necessary only to grab a little stitch. Fold the edge of the fabric to collar He appeared on all sides by about 1 cm. That is, it turns out that you need to turn in a cotton piece along the perimeter of 2 cm. In the same way carve out a cotton pad or a plain to the fur undercollarbut pristegayte her and tuck. To make it easier for StitchcollarCan be at the edge collarbraid and sew.


Carve out nekleevogo nonwoven lining in the form belowcollara. In size it should be exactly the same as the calico lining. Instead, non-woven fabrics can be used beading and other tissue of the same type. This detail is needed to collar Better to keep the shape. Sew it to the cotton layer.


Fold collar and undercollar fur each other. Cleave them dressmaker pins or baste in several places. Sew the parts together. Collar a little more than acollarand, therefore priposazhivayut. Leave the slice to be pritachivatsya neck. Remove what you got.


What happens next depends on the situation and on the thickness of the product. Align the open section undercollarand with the neck cutaway. Fur undercollarand must be in contact with the fur products. Cleave the next seam in several places. If the machine takes a thickness sostrochite details. You can sew them and furrier's suture. unclosed section collarand then fold and sew a coat hiding durable seam.


If you sew collar to coat, then undercollar will not fur, and of the same fabric, which itselfproduct. In this case, it is possible to strengthen the adhesive interlining. For the second gasket take sintepon or batting. All gaskets must be cut severely on the contour. Sinteponovye vatinovuyu or baste the non-woven.


If undercollar not yet sewn to coat it Stitch the same manner as any other product to the aligning faces of parts. Apply collar and then fold the edges of the contour. Sew seam hiding fur around the perimeter collara.

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