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Fur bolero

Fur bolero should be in every woman's wardrobe, preferring nobility and luxury. After all, it adds a chic way and also perfectly warm in cold weather.

Fur bolero can be worn to ladies of all ages.

The most important thing - to choose the right kind of fur and color.

How to choose a fur bolero for?

Bolero - a short jacket, in whichmost cases does not buckle. For the boleros will suit both artificial and natural fur. It all depends on your preferences. Bolero faux fur is more suitable for everyday wear. But fur can be worn for publication. The most budget option considered fur fox, rabbit or fox. Mink also is quite expensive: the fur is soft and silky. Bolero mink - a symbol of wealth and luxury. It is also believed that older women are best to wear fur. Choosing for fur bolero in the first place should pay attention to its thickness. A sewing machine can not sew too dense fur. As for color, the most versatile - it is, of course, white. However, by and large color restrictions for bolero does not exist. When choosing colors, consider your own tsvetotip. Blondes suitable fur blue, black and silver colors. And brunettes brown suit and bright red.

The most noble look of fur bolero neutral colors: beige, yellow, gray and black.

Pattern bolero

So, to start sewing bolero first thingraises the question of the pattern. After all, there are many styles of fur bolero. This thing can be short or long sleeves, and even without them. It is important to bear in mind that the selected style is right for you.

Fur bolero - this is a great addition to the wedding dress in the cold season.

Do not despair if you are not a professionalseamstress. After the pattern bolero can be easily carried out correctly, without building special drawings. Just take a pattern vest or jackets with long sleeves, measure the desired length, make another cut-throat, shorten the length of the sleeves and voila pattern bolero ready. Patterns can be built even just having estimated the jacket and fix it on everything you need, and then transferred to the paper. At a time when you are cutting the product on the pattern of sour cream and all the details, the changes are also possible. It was only after stitching on the sewing machine is not recommended to change anything. In fact, the bolero is not difficult to cut. The simplest and at the same time the correct option - it is fur vest cape. Pattern - skirt sun or polusolntse. In this case, the lower edge of the bolero is not square, and round.

sewing process

Before you sew on the sewing productthe machine should handle back down, arms, neck. First stitched shelves and back, and then the sleeve. After the sleeve pritachivayutsya to the main part (cross-linked shelves). Seams are processed when the sewing process is complete. Sometimes bolero can be on the same button. It all depends on your desire. At the final stage of the bolero can be decorated with sequins, beads, beading, satin ribbons and other decorative details. The front zip can be a stylish buckle and sometimes buttons of a loop.

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