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How to sew a dress of silk

How to sew a dress of silk

Silk fabrics are known from ancient times. Products are never out of fashion.

Silk dress is appropriate in the office, on the beach and a nightclub. The material itself is so beautiful that even the most simple style looks rich and elegant.

Natural silk is pleasant to the touch and is good for the body.

However, the sewing of it has some features that should be considered.

You will need

  • - Natural or artificial shelk-
  • - Pattern platya-
  • - Zubchikami- scissors
  • - nitki-
  • - sewing machine-
  • - Iron.



Select a style. It is better if it is without a lot of small details. Pick a pattern suitable. In principle, the stitching of the silk can be everything, but it is better to focus on models developed specifically for this material.


Before you start to cut, soak the cloth inwarm water. It is best to pour water into the bath to about half. It should be hot, that is lukewarm. Lower back silk without crumpling it. Spoon its smooth web layer upon layer. Leave it for 2-3 hours. Remove the cloth and hang it flat to dry. It is better not to use a rope and something solid, like a rack over the bath or a cornice.


Fold the silk twice and set the pattern onthe fabric as you normally would. It is best to draw a sharpened piece of soap or soft chalk. Pencil is not very suitable, he paints on silk bad. Do not forget about SEAM, it is better to do a little more than usual.


Cut out the details of the product scissors "Zigzag". That is needed for this allowance more. Many silk fabric greatly crumble. Serrated scissors reduce this feature to a minimum.


Baste the details. The order of sewing is indicated in many magazines, and it is better to follow it. For smetyvaniya only use silk thread №65, and better if they are made in Russia. These threads are not left on the tissue any traces. Color select contrast.


Try the product very carefully and meticulously. Silk is extremely inconvenient unpick may remain punctures, which can not be corrected has nothing. So try to do just fine.


Sostrochite details. The machine must always be sharp thin needle №70 or 75. For sewing instead of silk thread is better to take polyester. You can sew the same Russian silk, but they are very twisted. As joining parts do not forget to iron out the seams. Iron Knob put a mark on the "iron" or at the appropriate temperature.


Treat overlock seams. Synthetic yarn will help you out in this case, they are twisted and torn silk is much smaller. What should not be used under any circumstances - so it is cotton threads. For delicate silk they are too coarse.

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