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How to sew an outfit for a doll


How to sew an outfit for a doll</a>

Dolls appeared a long time ago and immediately became the girls' favorite toys. They imitate people, and people tend to change clothes often, so the doll should also have a change of clothes, and not just one.

Try to sew this "roleplay" costume for your little pet.

You will need

  • - Scraps of cloth-
  • - needles with threads in the tone of tissue-
  • - decorative ribbons-
  • - buttons-
  • - Lace.



This pattern shows all the details of this outfit for the doll. It is necessary to increase it in accordance with the scale and re-arrange the elements on the tracing paper. Cut out all the patterns.
Choose the fabric suitable for the costume. For a blouse, something light, flowing and elegant is suitable. For a sarafan, take a suit cloth or thin suede, the coat will look fine, made of brocade. Do not forget about thin strips of fur for the edge of the coat.


Place the parts on the fabric, secure with pins andCircle the tailor's crayon or pencil. Make thin lines - all elements are miniature and with thick contours it's easy to make mistakes when cutting and sewing. Specify all the tags that are important for the manufacture of the product, they will help you in further work.
Cut out the details of the cut with sharp scissors andDecompose separately, for different products - its own heap. Carefully consider photos of the finished product and prepare the necessary accessories - a thin elastic band for the neck of the blouse, lacing for the sarafan, buttons and decorations for the coat.


Sew the details of the blouse on your hands if you are afraid to sewSmall things on the typewriter. You can treat the edges of the sleeves with a thin lace. Sew a neatly gum or pick a thread on the neck. Carefully apply all the slices with a brush with PVA glue so that the fabric does not fall off.
Now grasp the sarafan. In order for the skirt to hold the shape well, down, sew the lining along the dotted line or at the bottom, glue the tape of the adhesive fleece. Sew the details of the sarafan, process the slices, if necessary. In the marked places, sew a lacing - a thick thread of contrasting color. At the neck, sew a lace ribbon.


If you want to make a coat more elegant, thenJust take a suitable cloth - brocade, curtain fabric, velvet or velor with embroidery. If you aspire to simplicity and naturalness of a suit, then micro-velvet, suede, fine woolen fabric will be more suitable.
All edges of the finished coat are stitched with furThe rim. Sew a little buttons, and on the other side make a loop of thread or a thin satin ribbon. The upper part of the sleeve is covered with a decorative lace. Put on the ready outfit on the doll and make her a suitable hairstyle.

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