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How to sew a dress for a doll

How to sew a dress for a doll

Dolls have appeared a long time ago and immediately became the favorite toys of girls. They imitate people, and people tend to frequently change clothes, so the doll dress should be changed, and not one.

Try to make here is a "role-playing" dress for your little darling.

You will need

  • - Tissue-Scraps
  • - Sewing kit in a tissue-tone
  • - Decorative tesemki-
  • - pugovitsy-
  • - Lace.



On this the pattern shows all the details of this outfit for the doll. It is necessary to increase it in accordance with the scale and reshoot elements on tracing paper. Cut out all the pattern.
Choose fabric that is suitable for the costume. For blouses fit something light, flowing and elegant. To take a sundress or a dress fabric thin suede coat will look great, made of brocade. Do not forget the thin strips of fur coats rim.


Lay the parts on the fabric, and fasten with pinscircle the tailor's chalk or a pencil. Do thin lines - all the elements of miniature and thick contours of easy to make mistakes when you are cutting and sewing. List all labels that are important for the manufacture of the product, they will help you in future work.
Cut out the parts cut with sharp scissors andLay separately for different products - their own bunch. Look carefully at the pictures of the finished product, and prepare the necessary accessories - a thin elastic to the neck blouses, lace sundress for, and decorations for the buttons of his coat.


Sew Blouse parts on hand, if you are afraid to sewsmall items on the machine. You can handle the edge of delicate lace sleeves. Sew neat gum or sosborite on a thread neckline. All sections were gently brush promazhte PVA glue, the fabric does not crumble.
Now grasp the sundress. To skirt well-kept shape, sew down the lining on the dotted line or at the bottom of the stick adhesive tape nonwoven. Sew details sundress, treat cuts, if necessary. At the marked locations sew laces - thick thread of contrasting color. On nasheyte neck lace ribbon.


If you want to make a more elegant coats, thejust pick the right fabric - brocade, curtain fabrics, velvet or velor with embroidery. If you aim for simplicity and naturalness of the suit, it is more appropriate mikrovelvet, suede, fine wool fabric.
All of the finished fur coat edge obsheytetrimmed. Sew small buttons, and on the other side make the loops of thread or thin satin ribbon. The sleeves obveyte decorative lace. Put the finished outfit for the doll and make her a suitable hairstyle.

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