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How to sew a dress, apron with his hands

Dress-apron with his hands

The apron-dress is very convenient to carry out household chores, to tinker in the garden. The basic clothes will stay clean.

Large front pocket allows you to put the necessary detail.

Make a pattern

Great homemade dress is easy to sew, not even the name of the magazine pattern. It can do itself. To do this, you need to make the necessary measurements of the figure.
Their little: hips, heads and the desired length of the product. Hips divide in half and add to the resulting figure for:
- 42-48 sizes - 10 cm
- 50-56 - 15 cm
- From 56 or higher - 20 cm.
The resulting figure is the width of the apron.

If there is no purpose to do a side smell, we can not add extra centimeters to the side parts of the pattern. Then, under this apron will need pododet shirt, trousers or a skirt.

Now place the measuring tape at the pointshoulder (point A), where it connects with the neck and lower it to the desired length. Maybe you want to make this a home was a flirty sundress - short or up to knees. Long would not normally do.
Now you must die length of the back of theproducts, as this apron will look like the dress, the rest he needed, too. The beginning of tape is placed at the same point of the neck and the end thereof descends to the same length as when measuring the front portion of the article.
Further tracing a rectangle is drawn. Its width is already known (calculation is above). The length of the rectangle - folded figures length of the front and back of the torso.
Designate the pattern on the two points A (right and left sides of the neck). Through them will be a circle. This is - the hole for the head. Through it puts the product.

The diameter of the circle, which will be cut to the head, calculate the formula for school. The volume of the head, divide by the number "pi" (3.14), and you get the desired number.

To summer outfit dressed lightly, add to the resulting figure of 3-5 cm (depending on size). Behind the recess is less, so this should be greater than the circumference is shifted to the front.


The paper substrate is prepared. You can now cut out the original apron on the fabric. Place the pattern on the fabric and pin it with pins. Circle it on the patterns on the reverse in pencil or chalk.
Cut the fabric with scissors on the lines outlined,leaving 1-1.5 cm seam allowance, and on the neck -. 0.8 cm Attach the pattern again bottom of the forehand to the fabric and mark the pocket. It also cut. Now fold the wrong part of the pocket on the front side of the bottom of the forehand. Sew the 2 parts.
If you want to look like in a dress in the summercountry, arranging access to the garden, you can not do on the shoulders of the dress and sew these locations on each side of the strap 2 in the form of a cross. Will turn out for the summer sundress.
Along the edges of the product processed piping. You can thus arrange only the neck, while the other made hem from the wrong side. Sew 4 drawstrings at the waist line - 2 front and 2 on the back of the sundress. Dress-apron with his hands ready.

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