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We all have clothes that we wear is not very often, for example, an evening dress or elegant suit.

Unfortunately, they are in the cabinet to dust or stains appear on them may therefore special protective covers are needed for them.

Sew them is not easy.

You will need

  • -the cloth
  • -lining fabric
  • feed for to decorate
  • -sewing machine



cover size is best determined individuallyfor each hanger. You can just cut around the hanger on paper and add 3-4.santimetra. Our cover small length. It will cover only the upper part of the garment.


Cut out the pattern for the final 2 pieces of colortissue and 2 parts - from the lining. Fold the backing color and details of the face inward and sew along the bottom edge. The same thing we do with the other two parts. And then we turn to iron.


Fold obtained fabric facing each other and sew, leaving two identical holes for hangers on the lining and on the cover exactly in the middle. The edges of the holes carefully cut.


Rounded corners also need to carefully trim without hitting the seam. Now it is possible to turn out and insert the liner into the case.


We combine both holes for hangers and stitched by them together along the edge. Otutyuzhivaem.


Case for clothes ready. You can decorate it, and sew stitched ribbon bow.

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