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How to sew a cover for glasses

How to sew a cover for glasses

Not far off the celebration on 8 March.

Sew a present such eyeglass cases.

They are easily and quickly sewn and original look.

Their tailoring requires a minimum of materials.

And you can give them and my grandmother, and my mother, and even the teacher at school.

You will need

  • -Beautiful fabric
  • -sintepon
  • -soft cloth
  • -lentochka or braid
  • -karabin or ring



First, cut out the pattern of the paper. ochechnik size depends on the size of the points. If sunglasses, eyeglass case the need for them more.


Using a template to cut out 2 pieces of padding polyester and 2 parts of a beautiful fabric. Shear with each other and stitched by a typewriter, to get stёzhka.


Fold right sides quilted items inside, put a loop of ribbon or lace and stitched by the edges. Gut-wrenching, otutyuzhivaem.


For the same the pattern to cut out 2 pieces of padding for soft tissue, such as fleece. Sew facing inward. The raw edge of the buckle and otutyuzhivaem.


To cut the frills of a long strip of fabric, sew it into the ring. Fold in half lengthwise and otutyuzhivaem. Stitched by a thread and tightens. Frill sewn quilted to boot.


It remains to put the lining in the bag and carefully sew it. On the loop can attach carabiner or ring for keys. Done!

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