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How to sew a caterpillar of felt

caterpillar of felt

When you make such a beautiful caterpillar, it has plenty of fans will once.

The bright, soft and cute caterpillar will cause your friends' positive emotions, a smile and a desire to receive it as a gift, or at least take the time to play.

You will need

  • - felt
  • - Thread and needle
  • - glue
  • - scissors



The strip of felt 10x4 cm notch on both sidesacross the edges so as to obtain a fringe. fringe length of 1 cm, she plays the role of a caterpillar legs. Prepare 3 cm wide strips of red and green felt. Roll of a roll, and then attach with glue or sew. Prepare five of these rolls.


A roll of the caterpillars for the head to dothicker than the previous ones. The free end of roll notch along twice. The first cut, departing from one end of the 0.5 cm, and the second cut -. Departing from the other edge of 0.5 cm It will be a caterpillar mustache. Secure with glue to the middle part of the roll and the caterpillar mustache should hang freely.


Glue the eyes to the head or make themindependently Cut two white circles larger and two smaller black. Sew the black pupils to the white circles and glue ready eyes to the head. Roth are made of carved red triangle. The head sewn to the edge of the strip with a fringe. Alternately sew or glue rolls to the strip with a fringe, and then to each other.

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