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How to sew a cardigan

How to sew a cardigan

Sew a trendy, cozy and warm cardigan sleeveless is a virtue, even those who do not know how to handle a sewing machine.

If you choose the right dense tissue slices that do not crumble, it is possible to manage only a pair of scissors.

required for the manufacture of thick cardigan. Jersey, jersey, viscose, artificial suede or thin skin, that is, materials that do not fall on the sections of a length of 1.4 m In addition, you will need:
- tape measure-
- Tailor melok-
- Oblique beyka-
- sewing machine-
- Thread in the tissue tone.

How to cut out cardigan

Build the pattern paper is not necessary,this can be done directly on the fabric. Pre-cut off all the edges, do it very carefully so that the sections were as straight as possible. Measure will need only one size - the width of the back, putting centimeter tape-to-back on the protruding points of the shoulder blades, and from one armpit to the other. Typically, this value is 35-40 cm.
Fold the fabric facing inward equity thread. From the upper edge by bending aside 25-26 cm for collar. Make a mark at this point.
From this point aside to the right half of the measurementsback and check the box. From her aside down deep armholes for cardigan it can be deeper, so it can be freely put on a sweatshirt or sweater. This measurement is approximately 25 cm. Divide it in half cut and set aside from the resulting points on 6 cm. Connect these marks smooth line, to get an oval.
Cut Prohm precisely on this line. Collar and bottom of cardigan can leave the square or draw a smooth line sections and cut along the contour.

How to sew a cardigan

In principle, it is possible to leave the product as such and not to process sections. This will give the image of a particular negligence. However, the thing will look more carefully if sheathe all sections of piping.

Color in inlay fabric can be a contrasting color or tone.

Please treat the armhole. Bakey fold in half and insert the cut, so that the seam fell on the lower part of the armhole. Kill the dressmaker pins and prostrochite along the edges on the sewing machine. Likewise, treat others the edge cardigan.

Also, all the slices can be processed on the overlock.

How to wear a cardigan

This thing can be worn over blouses, turtlenecks, sweaters or casual dress. Also very nice when completed with a cardigan with jeans, narrow trousers or leggings.
Wear a cardigan. Place the fold collar and tie belt. You can use a wide leather belt or several narrow straps and sew soft belt of the same fabric, which is made of a cardigan.

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