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How to sew a cape on a sofa

To remain beautiful sofa - sew on his robe

Purchasing new furniture, a person usually expects that it will serve a long time and remain as beautiful and pure as in the window.

But the interior of the fabric gets dirty very quickly, and change the upholstery activity rather laborious.

Simply make a nice cushion sofa and armchairs.

You can, of course, buy the most ordinary blankets.

But if you make the cloak itself, you can do it from the same fabric as the curtains, and it will make the interior more refined.

You will need

  • Drape fabric - 1 or 2 of the sofa length according to the width
  • Fringes on the sofa perimeter
  • A sewing machine, needles, thread
  • Tailor's ruler and square



Measure the length sofaand the width and unassembled. The length capes should reflect actual sofaa, and the width should be more than 15-20 cm on each side. If the fabric is narrow, carve 2 or even 3 rectangle, an equal length sofay. Stitch linen cloth seam. From a broad tissue carve out one cloth strictly according to standards.


Around the perimeter make hem about2 cm and prostrochite then iron. Baste to the wrong side and stitched fringe. It can be either the entire perimeter or only on length. Fringe can buy, and you can crochet. Depending on your preference, select it in the tone of tissue or some element of the picture, or contrast.


Capes can be arranged differently, making the sides of frills. For frills need fabric strip, which is equal to 1, 5-2 perimeter sofaa. It is possible to make out the individual pieces. Sew the strip Neaten overlocking or manually reload the folds. Baste and stitched flounce to the wrong side of the cape. On the front side on the edge stitched braid in tone or a contrasting fabric.

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