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How to sew a bed cover for a bedroom


How to sew a bed cover for a bedroom</a>

Bedspread for the bedroom does not just protect the bed from wear.

Tastefully selected, it harmoniously complements the interior or adds new accents to it.

The simplest version of "clothes for a bed" is a cloth rectangle with large allowances, beautifully falling down.

You can turn into a plaid blanket, decorating it with appliques and fringe. A special comfort will give a corner for the rest of the product with frills, sewn by hand.

The best neighborhood for such a thing - curtains, decorated with ruffles or lambrequins.

You will need

  • - the main fabric-
  • - Cloth-companion (optional) -
  • - sewing machine-
  • - tailor meter-
  • - thread and needle-
  • - scissors-
  • - pins-
  • - iron-
  • - decorative braid.



Choose the main working fabric for sewingBedspreads. In the bedroom, the canvases of calm, muted tones are appropriate. The product fringed with ruffles does not require lining material. The cut choose a tight, and at the same time, well fitting into beautiful folds. Clutches can also be made from a companion fabric of a suitable texture, with an interesting pattern.


Strip off the working cut, carefully leveling allWrinkles on the surface of the canvas. Allow the moistened material to dry completely - so you will be insured against possible shrinkage after washing the finished product.


Make the necessary measurements. You need to find out the length and breadth of the berth and provide fairly wide allowances for the hem and stitches - about 3-3.5 cm. For the swings, measure: the height from the floor to the bed is the length of the three sides of the furniture, multiplied by 2. The points of their connection to the main The element of cut count depending on how you plan to install the bed - sideways to the wall or to the headboard. The seam allowance for this part of the veil should also be 3-3.5 cm.


Cut out the base rectangle and process the linesCuts - tuck in the allowances, iron and stitch. Cut a piece of cut and sew the part into a strip of the required length. Perform the bottom and side bends.


Divide the frill and the cutting line of the main cloth into several equal parts, marking their borders with pins.


Begin to make neat assemblies and otomyvatThem first manually, then - to spend on a sewing machine. It is recommended that the joints be sealed with a zigzag. You can remove the edge of the ruffle, if desired, you can decorate the edge of the ruffle with a braid or thick thread & nbsp-contrast color.

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