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How to sew a blanket bedroom

How to sew a blanket bedroom

Bedspread for the bedroom is not just protect the bed from wear and tear.

Tasteful, it perfectly complements the interior and introduces new accents in it.

The easiest option "clothes for the bed" - a rectangle of cloth with large margins, beautifully flowing down.

You can turn in a plaid blanket, decorating it with applications and fringe. Special comfort will give a corner to relax the product with ruffles sewn by hand.

The best neighborhood for such things - curtains, decorated with ruffles or lambrequins.

You will need

  • - Main cloth-
  • - Fabric companion (optional) -
  • - sewing machine-
  • - Tailor metr-
  • - Threads and igla-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - bulavki-
  • - utyug-
  • - Decorative braid.



Pick main working fabric for sewingbedspreads. The bedroom relevant web soothing, muted colors. The product, bordered ruffles, does not require lamination. Parting choose dense, and at the same time fit well into the beautiful folds. Frills can also be performed from a fabric texture suitable companion, an interesting pattern.


Otparte working otrez, carefully aligning allwrinkles on the fabric surface. Allow to dry thoroughly moistened material - so you insure against possible shrinkage after washing of the finished product.


Make the necessary measurements. You need to find out the length and width of the bed and provide a fairly broad allowances for seams and hem - about 3-3, 5 cm to measure the frills: the height from the floor to the length of the three sides of the bed- furniture, multiplied by 2. The place of their connection with the main. cutting element count depending on whether you plan to install a bed - sideways to the wall or headboard. Seam in this part of the curtain must also be 3-3.5 cm.


Carve out a rectangle-based and process the linecuts - tuck allowances, otgladte and prostrochite. Frill cut and sew detail in the strip the required length. Follow the bottom and the side hem.


Divide into equal portions frill and cut the main line of the cloth, noting their borders pins.


Begin to make accurate assembly and tackthem first hand, and then - prostrachivat on the sewing machine. The connecting seams is recommended to plug the zigzag. Basting udalite- edge ruffles on request can be decorated with lace or thick yarn & nbsp-contrast color.

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