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How to sew a belt from rags


How to sew a belt from rags</a>

If you still have scraps of beautiful cloth, do not throw them away.

Of these, it is not difficult to sew such an unusual belt.

You can combine several colors close to the color.

And you can, on the contrary, combine contrasting colors.

It all depends on your imagination.

You will need

  • -shoes of cloth
  • -flyazelin
  • -2 buckle rings



Cut the rectangles from the fabric about 5 by 12 cm and 7 by 12 cm in 12 pieces. Size and quantity you can choose yourself, depending on the size of the cloth shreds and the desired size of the finished belt.


Sew together rectangles toTwo strips of the same length were obtained. Rectangles 5 cm wide in one strip, and width of 7 cm - in another. Ottjuzhivaem. We glue the fleece to the wrong side of the narrow strip.


We put a wide strip face down, andOn top - a narrow strip face up. Pins with pins. Cut the tips of the strips at an angle of 45 degrees, so that the tip of the bottom protrudes 1 cm from under the top. Cut the sharp corner of the lower band.


We wrap all the unprocessed edges inwards twice, note and spread out. The corners are processed diagonally. We pass the buckle rings and we attach the straight end of the belt. Done!

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