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How to sew a belt patchwork

How to sew a belt patchwork

If you have scraps of beautiful fabric, do not discard them.

Of these, it is easy to make such an unusual belt.

You can combine several similar in coloring fabrics.

And it is possible, on the contrary, to combine contrasting colors.

It all depends on your imagination.

You will need

  • tissue -loskutki
  • -flizelin
  • 2-ring buckle



Cut a rectangle of cloth about 5 to 7 and 12 cm by 12 cm by 12 pieces. The size and number, you can choose for yourself, depending on the size of the shreds of tissue and the desired size of the finished belt.


Sew the rectangles together toIt turned out two strips of the same length. Rectangles of 5 cm in a single band, and a width of 7 cm - into another. Otutyuzhivaem. Glue interlining to the wrong side of a narrow strip.


We put a wide strip face down, andtop - a narrow strip face up. Shear pins. Cut the tips of the strips at an angle of 45 degrees to the lower tip of the spoke at 1 cm from the top under. Cropped Area acute lower band.


Wrap all the raw edges inside twice and tack stitched by. Corners are processed on a diagonal. Threaded rings, buckles and sew a straight end of the strap. Done!

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