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How to sew a belt


How to sew a belt</a>

Belt? It is an indispensable attribute of any dress, skirt or trousers. With the help of it, you can easily emphasize the waist, or, conversely, draw attention away from it.

To make your outfit look original and beautiful, sew the belt yourself, using various fabrics and ornaments.

You will need

  • 1) corsage tape (elastic) is not wider than 8cm (length depends on waist or hips circumference), satin-to-tone, hooks with hinges in tone? 3 pieces, decorative braid.
  • 2) tie, fleece, belt buckle without tongue.
  • 3) flaps (not knitwear and not coarse linen), dense synthetic fabric, chintz, sintepon, buckle, eyelets.



Simple belt from a corsage tape.
Coat the edges of the tape with small rectanglesSatin. From the inside, sew hooks with eyelets so that they are not visible from the front side. Tape the sewing on the upper and lower edge of the front side of the belt.


The original belt of a tie.
Make a pattern of nonwoven. It can completely repeat the outlines of a tie or be rectangular. Tie the rasp off, take out the lining and the label, iron the front fabric. Insert the non-woven fabric into the fabric and sew them. If the pattern is rectangular, then pre-cut 2 rectangles from the neck fabric: one is exactly the same, and the second one with the allowances is about 1-2 cm. A small rectangle will be on the wrong side, but a large one? With the front. At the end, sew the clasp. If the belt retains the shape of the tie, then fasten the fastener to the narrow end.


Patchwork belt.
Rags iron and sort out, in what order they will alternate. Cut strips 5 cm tall and about 3-5 cm wide. Number of strips? Not less than 20.


Sew the strips and iron them from the wrong side. Zautyuzhivat should be in the direction of a denser tissue. Then iron on the front side. Open a dense synthetics rectangle. As a template, use the facial patchwork, just add 2.5 cm on each side.


From the chintz, open the rectangle along the lengthRepeating the patchwork, but 2 times wider. From the sintepon, open a rectangle that exactly repeats the front part. On synthetics place a print pattern, bent in half along the length, then a sintepon, then the front side.


From under the patchwork side should look outOnly synthetics on 2.5 cm on each side. First, sweep horizontally, and then steal the machine parallel to the seams of patchwork strips, receding from them by 3 mm.


Quilt vertically inside the strips, each time retreating by 1 cm. In a bobbin, it is desirable to have a thread of synthetic lining.


Fold the synthetics 1 cm and iron. Wrap the synthetics on the front side and sew. From one end, sew a buckle on the other? Zigzag stitch holes for eyelets and insert them.

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