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How to sew a belt

How to sew a belt

Belt? this is an indispensable attribute of any dresses, skirts or pants. Using it you can easily emphasize the waist, or vice versa, to divert attention from it.

To make your outfit look original and beautiful stitch belt own, using a variety of fabrics and decorations.

You will need

  • 1) waistband tape (gum) no wider than 8 cm (length depends on the circumference of the waist or hips), satin in tone hooks with eyelets in tone? 3 pieces, decorative braid.
  • 2) tie, fleece, belt buckle, without tongue.
  • 3) flaps (not knitted or coarse linen), dense synthetic fabric, cotton, padding polyester, buckles, eyelets.



Simple Belt corsage belt.
The edges of the tape obsheyte small rectanglessatin. On the inner side with hooks stitch loops so that they are not noticeable from the front side. Braid sew the top and bottom edge of the front of the belt.


The original zone of the tie.
Make a pattern of non-woven fabrics. It can completely repeating contours of a tie or be square. Tie spacers, remove the liner and label, facial tissue proutyuzhte. Insert Non-woven fabric in a pattern and sew them. If the rectangular pattern, the pre-cut fabric of Tie 2 rectangles, one exactly the same, and the second with margins of about 1-2 cm small rectangle will be on the wrong side, and large.? from the front. By the end of sew zipper. If the belt keeps the outlines of a tie, the zipper sewn to the narrow end.


Patchwork belt.
Scraps proutyuzhte and sort the order in which they will alternate. Cut strips of 5 cm in height and width of about 3-5 cm. The number of stripes? not less than 20.


Sew strips and proutyuzhte them inside out. Should press out towards the more dense fabric. Then proutyuzhte from the front. Vykroyte of thick synthetic rectangle. As patchwork patterns using front portion only on each side, add 2.5 cm.


From calico vykroyte rectangle the lengthrepeating patchwork part, but 2 times larger. From syntepon vykroyte box is exactly the same front part. On the cotton synthetics place a pattern, bent in half along the length, then padding polyester, then the front side.


From a patchwork side should look outSynthetics only 2.5 cm on each side. First, baste all horizontal, and then on the machine quilted patchwork seams parallel strips, departing from them by 3 mm.


Quilted inside vertical strips, each time stepping 1 cm. In the bobbin thread desirable color synthetic backing.


Fold 1 cm synthetics and proutyuzhte. Wrap synthetics on the front side and sew. From one end sew the buckle with the other? zigzag obstrochite holes for the eyelets, and insert them.

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