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How to sew a belt


How to sew a belt</a>

Belt, like other accessories, is designed to emphasize your individual style in clothes.

On its small surface should fit as much as possible color, shape, texture.

Belt, sewn in scrappy technique, just allows such brightness.

You will need

  • Material for the belt (cotton, brocade, leatherette, corduroy, lace, all different colors) -
  • Lower lining fabric (synthetics) -
  • Soft thin fabric (chintz) -
  • Synthesis-
  • Buckle-
  • Sewing machine-
  • Iron-
  • Scissors.



Cut from the material stripes 30-40 cm long and up to 5 cm wide.

How to sew a belt


Sew the strips into a rectangle 30-40 cm wide and 100-110 cm long.


Iron from the wrong side. Stroke in the direction of thicker tissue. Then iron on the face.

How to sew a belt


Cut the bottom lining fabric into a rectangle that is already finished, adding 5 cm above and below.


Prepare 2-3 layers of cotton and a layer of sintepon (according to the size of the first rectangle).

How to sew a belt


Sweep the layers along the belt.


Quilt the belt along the seams at a distance of 2-3 mm.

How to sew a belt


Draw parallel lines along the fabric at the bottom and top edges. Make sure that there are no unfinished lines left in the inside, a break in the bands.


Sew the trim. Choose the width, depending on the type of fabric and the thickness of the belt.

How to sew a belt


Make rectangular holes for the buckle.


Put on the buckles and secure the fabric with a few stitches. At the other end of the belt, make several eyelets at an equal distance.

How to sew a belt

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