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How to sew a bath robe

How to sew a bath robe

You want to feel like in a spa every time out of the shower?


Sew yourself a nice terry robe.

You will need

  • -mahrovaya fabric
  • A-Slim denim
  • -Wide gum
  • -lipuchka



Size 44-46 robe. Cut the terry cloth rectangle measuring 142 by 90 cm. Find the middle of the canvas and attach the pin. From this point is metered by 30 cm on both sides. We note in pencil.


Cut the 50 cm wide elastic. One edge is fixed in its first marked with a pencil point, and the second edge - the second point. Sew along the upper edge, pulling the gum.


Wrap an elastic band sewn to the edge of the inside and stitched by. You can defer the edge of several parallel lines.


Cut off from the thin fabric long bandwidth20 cm. Sew them into a long strip. The seams are smoothed. Press out the edges inward. Sheathe this band bottom and the sides of the rectangle of terry.


Cut the 15 cm Velcro. Sew it, do not forget to wrap a towel on themselves to determine the place of its fastening.


To cut off from strapless lace two bands of about 30 cm and sew them to the towel. To look nice, it is better to sew them by hand.


To cut a pocket of thin fabric 2a rectangle 20 by 23 cm. sew a single braid. Sew the two rectangles with each other face inward. We leave a small hole. Gut-wrenching, otutyuzhivaem. Tack and sew a robe.


For the production of the flower collect on a thread strip of thin fabric and contractible. Middle, can be decorated with beads. We sew the flower to the robe.

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