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How to sew a basket for toys


How to sew a basket for toys</a>

All children are very fond of playing, and so parents, as far as possible, spoil their whims with various toys. After playing, the child throws toys anywhere.

That this does not happen, it must be accustomed to order from the youngest age. It is important that the child had a place where he could clean up his toys.

You can buy a special basket of any size, so that he puts his toys there, or you can sew a basket for toys yourself.

You will need

  • - Sintepon-
  • - old linoleum-
  • - two or three pairs of unnecessary jeans (perfect jeans) -
  • - the old sheet-
  • - Stapler.



Measure on jeans the same size squares (ideally fit size 15 by 15 centimeters). Carefully cut out the pattern and put them together.


Separate a few boxes that will go toThe bottom, and the rest sew together. As a result, you should get a kind of sidewall of the squares. To the sidewall, sew the same size piece of cloth, cut off from the sheet. Now you should get a cloth from two identical in size pieces. The edges of the canvases are sewn together so that the resulting fabric resembles a pipe.


From the remaining sheet, cut out the circle of necessaryDiameter and sew it from the wrong side to your fabric, but only from the side of the fabric. Turn out the resulting cover on the front side. If everything is done correctly, something will look like a pipe with a bottom or a barrel.


Now make a base of linoleum baskets. Linoleum bend in the same way to form a pipe, and fix it with a stapler. Wrap the resulting pipe with the remaining fabric, and fix it with a sintepon. Fix it all together with a stapler.


Now put the fabric cover on the resultingBasis. The fabric should be inside, and jeans squares should be on the outside. The basket is almost ready to just make and secure the bottom. To do this, carefully place the sintepon, fabric and linoleum on the fabric bottom. Now all this must be connected and sewed from the wrong side. To make it easier to sew, you can stuff a basket with things or put a pillow in it. The bottom is carefully attached with threads to the sidewall and the basket is ready.

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