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How to sew a basket for toys

How to sew a basket for toys

All children love to play, and so the parents as much as possible indulge their capricious various toys. After playing, the child throws a toy anywhere.

To avoid this, it is necessary to accustom to the order from the smallest age. It is important that the child has had a certain place where he could clean up their toys.

You can buy a basket of any size, so he folded to his toys, and you can make a basket for the most toys.

You will need

  • - sintepon-
  • - Old linoleum-
  • - Two or three pairs of unnecessary things denim (jeans are ideal) -
  • - Old prostynya-
  • - Stapler.



Measure jeans at the same size squares (ideal size of 15 by 15 centimeters). Carefully cut out the pattern on them and fold together.


Separate multiple squares, which will go onbottom, while the remaining stitch together. As a result, you should get a kind of a sidewall of the squares. To sew up the sidewall of the same size piece of material cut from the sheets. Now you should have a web of two equal-sized pieces. The edges of the blades sew together so that the resulting material resembled pipe.


Of the remaining sheets, cut a circle requireddiameter and sew it to the wrong side of your matter, but only from the tissue. Remove the resulting cover on the front side. If done correctly, you get something resembling a tube with the bottom or the barrel.


Now make linoleum base baskets. Linoleum bend the same way as to form a tube, and fasten his stapler. Wrap a pipe remaining cloth and fasten the top synthetic padding. Fasten it all together using a stapler.


Now put on the resulting fabric coverbasis. The fabric should be inside, denim squares - on the outside. Basket remained almost ready to just do and fix the bottom. To this end, the bottom of the fabric gently lay the padding polyester, cloth and linoleum. Now all you need to connect and sew from the wrong side. To make it easier to sew, you can fill a basket or put things back cushion. The bottom of the thread is attached neatly to the side and the basket is ready.

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