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How to sew a bag of fabric

How to sew a bag of fabric

With sewing cloth bags cope even novice needlewoman, enough to have the ability to lay flat line on the machine.

After spending only a few hours to make, you will become the owner of an exclusive accessory.

You will need

  • - Main cloth-
  • - lining fabric-
  • - dublerin-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Thread in the tissue-tone
  • - Sewing supplies.



Choose the material for the manufacture of bags. Suitable either cotton or linen, denim or silk fabric, and so on. It all depends on the purpose of the future bags and your preferences.


Carved out of the main fabric and lining for tworectangles of equal size and their size will depend on the desired volume of the bag. Also, make 4 equal parts to handle bags from the underlying tissue. Cut 2 similar items for bags and 2 for pens from Dublerin.


Glue the parts of the main Dublerin tissue. Put them on a flat surface face down, top to attach and stick it dublerin warm iron.


Fold right sides together 2 partspens. Baste along the long sides, with short sections nezashitymi leave. Baster, remove, turn the handle on the front side, straighten the seams of iron the iron.


The upper side of the bag parts bend 1 time on the wrong side at a distance of 3 cm, proutyuzhte. Pin to every detail of the handle at a distance of 5-7 cm from the edges.


Lining and the main part of the fabric bagFold right sides together. Baste them along the top edge, grasping the handle. Stitch on the sewing machine, then remove the basting and dressmaker pins. Then iron the seam allowance toward the liner and prostrochite it.


Then fold the two parts sewn bag with lining right sides together. Baste on all sides and prostrochite on the sewing machine, leaving 20 cm on the bottom side of the pad nezashitymi.


To bag purchased volume prostrochite bottom corners of the bag at an angle of 45 degrees and in the main part and the lining. To the bag was stronger, lay 2-3 lines.


Through nezashitoe hole, remove the bag on the front side. The hole in the lining sew blind stitches by hand or scribbling on the sewing machine.


Put the lining inside the product. All seams and carefully straighten otutyuzhte. On the top edge of the bag defer at a distance of 0.5 cm.

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