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How to sew a bag of cloth


How to sew a bag of cloth</a>

With the sewing of bags from the fabric, even a novice needlewoman will cope, it is enough to have the ability to lay a straight line on the typewriter.

Spending just a couple of hours to make, you will become the owner of an exclusive accessory.

You will need

  • - the main fabric-
  • - lining fabric-
  • - doublerin-
  • - scissors-
  • - thread in the tone of the fabric-
  • - sewing accessories.



Choose the material for making bags. Any cotton or linen, denim or silk fabric and so on will do. Everything depends on the purpose of the future bag and your preferences.


Cut out of the main and lining fabric twoRectangle of equal size, their size will depend on the desired volume of the bag. In addition, make 4 equal parts for the handles of the bag from the main fabric. Cut out 2 similar items for the bag and 2 for the doubler handles.


Glue the parts from the main fabric with dublerin. Put them on a flat surface face down, attach a dubler from above and glue it with a warm iron.


Fold the faces to each other 2 partsHandles. Sweep along the long sides, while leaving short cuts not sewn. Remove the staple, unscrew the handles on the front side, straighten the seams, iron them with iron.


The upper side of the bag details, bend 1 time on the wrong side to a distance of 3 cm, iron. Pin to each part of the handle at a distance of 5-7 cm from the edges.


Lining and the main part of the bag made of clothFold face-to-face with each other. Sweep them along the top edge, grasping the handles. Stitch on the sewing machine, then remove the glue and tail pins. Press the seam allowance in the side of the lining and stitch it.


Then add both the details of the bag with the sewn lining faces to each other. Sweep on all sides and stitch on the sewing machine, leaving 20 cm on the underside of the lining unsweetened.


To get the bag volume, stitch the corners of the bottom side of the bag at an angle of 45 degrees and on the main part and on the lining. To make the bag stronger, lay 2-3 lines.


Through an open hole, unscrew the bag on the front side. The hole in the lining is sewn with secret stitches by hand or stitch on the sewing machine.


Put the lining inside the product. All joints are straightened and carefully ironed. On the top edge of the bag detach at a distance of 0.5 cm.

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