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How to sew a handbag


How to sew a handbag</a>

Such a lovely handbag, decorated with a flower, you can use as a cosmetic bag for a bag, and as an independent bag-clutch.

You will need

  • - dense fabric (you can take jeans)
  • - lining fabric
  • - fastener
  • - sewing machine



We cut out of a dense fabric 2 rectanglesSize 12 by 28 cm and from the fabric of another coloring 2 rectangles measuring 10 by 28 cm. Sew the strips with each other - narrower with a wider one. The seam is smoothed and neatly dispensed on the front side along it.


To the zipper we sew smallRectangles of the same width. On the main parts of the shoulder bag, press inward approximately 1 cm and sew a zipper to them. Try to scribble as close as possible to its teeth. Now you can fold the details face to face and stitch the sides. Lightning should be left open, so you can then turn out your purse.


We make a pocket. From the lining fabric, we cut out a square with a size of 20 to 20 cm. Fold it in half with your face inward and spend it, leaving a hole. We turn out, iron it.


From the lining fabric we cut out 2 rectanglesSize 18 by 28 cm. One of them sews a pocket. Line it into two sections. The details of the padding are combined with each other and sew on the sides and the bottom. The upper edges are bendable.


We insert into the lining a previously sewn bag with a zipper and sew it by hand with neat small stitches. We turn and iron.


We make a rose from the fabric. From silk or lining we cut a long strip. The length depends on the desired size of the rose. Width 8-9 cm. Smoothing iron. At the end of the strip we tie a knot and begin wrapping around the nodule. Some places can be carefully glued so that the rose does not disintegrate.


When the rose is ready, on its undersideYou need to make a pair of stitches with a needle and a thread for basting. Cut out the circle from the fleece and sew a rose to it. Now you can attach the flower to the finished handbag.

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