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How to sew a purse, makeup bag

How to sew a purse, makeup bag

This cute bag decorated with a flower, can be used as makeup for the bags, and as an independent clutch Handbags.

You will need

  • - Thick cloth (you can take dzhinsu)
  • - lining fabric
  • - Zipper
  • - sewing machine



Cut off from a dense fabric rectangle 2. Size of 12 to 28 cm from the fabric and the other two colors rectangle measuring 10 by 28 cm strip Sew together - with a narrow wider. The seam and gently smoothes otstrachivaem on the front side along it.


By zipper sew smallrectangles of the same width. At the main press out the details of a handbag inside edge about 1 cm and sew it to the zipper. Try to scribble as close as possible to its teeth. Now it is possible to lay down the details of the face to each other and stitch side. Lightning should be left open so that you can then turn handbag.


Make a pocket. cut out a square measuring 20 by 20 cm from the lining fabric. Fold it in half and stitched by a person inside, leaving a hole. Gut-wrenching, otutyuzhivaem.


Lining cut out 2 rectanglessize of 18 to 28 cm. On one sew the pocket. Stitch divide it into two sections. Details combine padding facing each other and sew the sides and bottom. The upper edge of the buckle.


Vdevaem in lining sewn previously pouch with zipper and sew it by hand with small neat stitches. Gut-wrenching and proutyuzhivaem.


Making a rose made of cloth. Of silk or lining fabric cut a long strip. The length depends on the desired size of the rosettes. The width of 8-9 cm. Iron iron. At the end of the strip and tying a knot begin wrap around the knot. Some places can be carefully glue that Rose does not decay.


When Rose is ready, on her wrong sideyou need to make a couple of stitches with a needle and thread to tie. Cut a circle out of fleece and sew him a rose. You can now attach the flower to the final bag.

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