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Several options for decorating eggs for Easter

Several options for decorating eggs for Easter

These ways of decorating Easter eggs is very simple and effective.

Your children probably also want to try to make such an egg.

Try together!



Decoupage napkins. To start boil eggs. Then prepare a "glue": beat a couple of egg whites in a bowl. Now take a cloth with a pattern, separated from them by the top layer and divide it into 4 parts. Dip the brush into the egg protein and grease. Attach a napkin. Next, gently lubricate the egg and brush leveling cloth from the center outwards. When all the egg plastered, cut the excess cloth and leave to dry. To make the light, you can lubricate the egg with vegetable oil.


Another option napkins decoupage - glueindividual motifs carved out of napkins. Cut out napkin favorite picture or more. Brush with beaten egg protein in place and attach the bonding pattern. Gently flatten oiled brush pattern, starting from its center. Allow to dry.


Eggs in peas. Unusual eggs in peas can be done using labels. Cut circles (stars, hearts) of labels. Glue them to the boiled egg and color paint ordinary food as directed on the package. Allow the paint to dry and peel off stickers.

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