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SETTINGS Ableton Live 9

Ableton Live 9 Window settings

In the parameters of Ableton Live 9, you can customize the look of the program, the behavior and audio interfaces.

This window can be accessed from the Options menu or by using the key combination [CTRL +,] under Windows and [CMD +,] on the Mac.

Settings window provides the following tabs:

  • Look / Feel - You can configure the program's language, color scheme, size of interface elements (from 50% to 200% of the default size) and prochee-
  • Audio - Audio interface settings are here. For detailed settings, use the built-in program "Master", which can be accessed from the Help & gt- Help View menu. Here you can also spend a sound test and loads of CPU
  • MIDI / Sync - This tab is used to recognize MIDI devices and separate them for three different purposes: a game midi music, control individual parts of the interface, and synchronization program with an external sequencer or drum mashinoy-
  • File / Folder - Settings folder for temporary files, cache size, and location of the plug-ins prochee-
  • Library - The default location, you can specify on this tab for any type of installed files, including custom libraries and semplov-
  • Record / Warp / Launch - The default setting for new projects, records and komponentov-
  • CPU - Load control on the central processor, including support for multi-core configuration / mnogoprotsessornosti-
  • Licenses / Maintenance - License management software and updates.

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