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How to set up your laptop battery

How to set up your laptop battery

If you recently purchased a laptop, the firstall you need to configure the power supply for proper operation battery. This operation is made directly in Microsoft Windows, which has a set of integrated power management circuits.

They help to properly distribute the load of the battery, depending on your preferences when working with a laptop.



Set the basic parameters of your batteryLaptop. To do this, go to the "Start" menu, then "Control Panel" and go to "Power Options" section. Pay attention to the "Power Options" tab on the side: they can adjust the power scheme, the signals on the battery status alerts, enter sleep mode to save energy and much more.


Go to the tab "Power Schemes". By default, your computer is configured to turn off the monitor and the hard drive after every 15 minutes of inactivity. It is necessary to consider whether it is right for you. It all depends on how long you leave the workplace during the day. This will help save battery power and its "viability" in the longer term, therefore, certainly do not need to set this parameter is set to "Never."


Customize tab, sound alerts, whichYou must notify the battery power is low. For example, the default computer issues a voice message, when the charge is reduced to 13%, and automatically switches to standby mode upon reaching 4%. Be sure to select the options you want to avoid inadvertent switching off the laptop, if you ever forget it in time to charge.


Open the Performance Tuning tabsystem. Here you will see 3 options electricity distribution: "Balanced," "High Performance" and "energy saving". Select the appropriate, depending on the intensity of use of a laptop. Also here you can set a couple of additional options for configuring power. If you want your computer requests a username and password, when he comes out of power saving mode, you can fill in the appropriate fields. You can also change the display of the power icon on the taskbar so you can see how much battery you have left.


Select what action should be takenlaptop when you close the lid: turn off or go to sleep. From this also depends on how quickly consumes battery charging. By default, this is accompanied by a dive in the standby mode, which still retains a certain time performance of the device, and turn off only when you press the power button, but you can modify it as you wish.

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