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How to set up your computer for viewing HD

How to set up your computer for viewing HD

HD-Video is distinguished from other types of video files good image quality.

This is usually a large amount of files, and to play their computer requires more system resources than the normal play avi-files.

You will need

  • - the Internet-
  • - Program Haali Media Splitter 1.6.400.11 and Gabest MPEG Splitter
  • - Codecs FFDSHOW-2006.



There are certain requirements for the kit,that must be installed on your computer to view HD-quality video files: at least 512 Mb of RAM, the processor is not lower than the Pentium 4, and a graphics card with dedicated memory of at least 128 Mb. Download and install FFDSHOW-2006 codec pack. It contains a complete list of utilities for playing video and audio formats. Download and System ffdshow_Reference.reg file for the package, and install the operating system registry, double-clicking the left mouse button on the file.


Download and install the player The CoreMedia Player 4.11. This unit is specially designed to play mkv files and mp4 - common formats for high-definition video. Adjust the best video file playback mode by right-clicking on the player area. In the menu to go along the path of Filter Properties, click Video Renderer, Direct Draw section and uncheck all the boxes in the settings window.


Download and install the Haali Media Splitter 1.6.400.11. This application works with the extension MP4, MKV, TS, OGM, and plays video files in HDTV resolution. Download and install Gabest MPEG Splitter This player can play video format files are MPG (MPEG2 and MPEG1) HDTV quality smoothly without the usual jerks.


When watching videos you connect to thePC sound system 5.1, you should configure FFDSHOW on sound reproduction in a five-channel mode. To do this, go to settings Audio Decoder Configuration, Mixer and set the "3/2 - 5 channels». There will be set to Dolby Surround / ProLogic, which is suitable for normal headphones and speakers. Try to play any high-quality files to check the set parameters.

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