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How to set up voice mail

How to set up voice mail

Voice mail - a convenient and necessary to communicate a service that will help you out when you can not pick up the phone or your phone is switched off.

Thanks to the "Voice mail" you will always be up to date, because your family and friends can leave you his message, which you can listen to at any time.



"Beeline" provides a service to its clients undertitled "Autoresponder". With the help of other callers may leave voice messages when you can not answer the phone or in general are out of network coverage. Activate and set "Auto Answer" is possible by means of USSD-request to the number * 110 * 014 #. Listen to received messages at any time, simply type on their mobile short code 0600 and press the Call button.


Connect the "Answering Machine" users canvirtually all tariff plans of "Megaphone" (except the tariffs "Telemetry", "Light" and some drugih- current list of tariff plans can be found on the operator's website). The connection is made one phone call to the number 0500 or contacting a service center customers. In addition, to enable "Answering Machine" possibly on the site of "Megaphone" by the "Service Guide". Connection will cost you 10 RUR is for the use of "answering machine" operator will be a daily charge your account 1 ruble.


"MTS" Company, in addition to voice, providesalso SMS answering machine. Instead of a voice message, you will receive a notification in the form of SMS messages. To activate this service, you must send a message to the short number 3021.

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