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How to adjust the steering wheel and pedals

How to adjust the steering wheel and pedals</a>

Computer steering wheel and pedals - modern input devices, allowing you to feel the full emotions in racing simulators.

The steering wheel and pedals that are properly tuned can not only give you many bright hours, but also help you learn how to drive.



Connect the steering wheel and pedals to the computer. Not always these devices can be directly connected via USB protocol - for computers with insufficient power reserve these input devices can become a heavy load. In this case, inexpensive USB hubs will help, which can be purchased at most electronics stores.


Once installed, you must installDevice driver. Most manufacturers supply their game kits with CD-ROMs with all the necessary software for the correct operation of the steering wheel and pedals. Although the steering wheel and pedals can be defined by Windows even without the original drivers (like a gaming USB device), only the presence of "native" drivers guarantees full compatibility and functionality of the gaming system.


Calibrate the steering wheel and pedals. Calibration is the fine-tuning of your input system, which is done experimentally. The fact is that all computers have different characteristics (power, sensitivity, processor clock speed), versions of operating systems, and to find the values ​​of the steering wheel, power of pressing, response speed can only be experienced. Similar operations are made even test-pilots of Formula-1 on racing cars! To calibrate, open the "Control Panel", select "Devices", then select "Game devices".


Open the "USB Device Steering Wheel[company manufacturer]". You can change the sensitivity by rotating the steering wheel, pressing the pedals and selecting the desired parameters. You must move the slider to change the sensitivity and speed of the reaction. In the future, return to this settings panel to select the desired values ​​for each autosimulator.


Download and install an easy racing emulator. It is advisable to use the game with simple controls to master and adjust the steering and pedals, so you will be able to pick up the ideal settings and learn how to drive during the process. If you immediately begin to try your hand at a difficult race, you can be content with little or lose faith in yourself. The optimal emulator for a start can be any game from the series of Ford Racing, FlatOut. Test races in Need For Speed: World are also suitable for testing steering wheel and pedal settings. Play the race, evaluate the quality of the setting. Repeat calibration in case of inconvenience.

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