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How to set up the valves on the VAZ 2105

The engine with the cover removed

A loud knock on the chaotic engine demonstrates the need for adjusting the valves.

Adjusting boils down to set the correct clearance between the rocker arms and valve tappets camshaft.

Car tuning valve VAZ 2105produce on the cold engine. Warm thermal gap can not be set correctly. Before you begin, you need to slow down the vehicle parking brake, remove the battery and put the gear lever in neutral position.

Required tools

To work needed for wrenches 8, 10, 13 and 17, ratchet spanner to the nuts, a special probe 0.15 mm thick. You also need to prepare a new gasket under the cylinder head cover.

The sequence of execution

Remove the air filter cover, take out the filter and remove the four screws holding the air filter housing to the carburetor. Remove the air filter housing and close the carburetor clean, lint-free cloth.
Disconnect the throttle rod and wire air carburetor. Remove the protective cover Timing gear belt. To facilitate scrolling engine can also unscrew the spark plug.
To establish the piston of 1 cylinder at TDC. For this purpose combine a label located on the crankshaft pulley and a long mark on the engine front cover. This should also combine a label on a pulley of a camshaft and flow on the valve cover. If these marks are not aligned, scroll through the crankshaft another one turn.

On 03 engine mounted 4 cylinder in the compression stroke.

8 Unscrew the nuts and remove the top cover of the cylinder head. The gasket cover should be replaced regardless of its state in order to avoid oil leakage.
When installing the cylinder 1 TDC checked and adjusted gap 1 and 3 of the valve. To do this, insert the probe between the rocker and cam camshaft, the probe should enter densely, with a slight pinching.
If the gauge is hanging or not included, let go of the key to the locknut 17, holding the key to the adjusting bolt 13. Then, rotating the adjusting screw set the desired clearance.
After adjusting the scroll crankshaft 180 degrees and adjust the 5 and 2 valves. Scroll crankshaft another 180 degrees and to adjust valve 8 and 6.

Again rotate the crankshaft 180 degrees and set the gaps 4 and 7 valves.

The sequence of the adjustment of the engine valve 03 is listed in the table.

Correct adjustment is necessary several times to check carefully. If the adjustment is done correctly, knock valves a warm engine should completely disappear.

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