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How to set up the TV image

How to adjust the TV image

People for several hours per day spent watching TV.

Therefore, the problem of good images is now the most urgent. The key image quality parameters include contrast, brightness, color.

Set the TV picture may own.



Adjusting the brightness
To adjust the brightness of the image, you need todo the following. It is necessary to select such an image, which would be black stripes over the image. Stop the video at the stage where almost the same amount of light and dark areas. Increase the brightness to the limit, then decrease until such time as the black bars do not acquire a clear black outline. When some darkening are not visible (for example, not clearly expressed in the eye), increase the brightness level.


Adjusting contrast
Contrast determines the detail, as well asthe intensity of the white and light areas of the image. If you do not have a backlight, the contrast of the light determines the full screen returns.

Contrast setting is entirely dependent onthe presence of the backlight. To adjust the contrast, you need to set the picture with white object. Set the contrast to the limit, and then gradually reduce it to the extent that it will not be a clear distinction of all parts on a white background.


Adjusting color
Saturation or color determined by the intensity of colors in the image itself.
First we need to adjust the color andtemperature balance directly to the warm colors. You need to pick up a larger image of an oval face. Lift the color indicator will not occur until sufficient facial tan, then slowly decrease the color until until the natural color of the face. If other colors look gray, then promote saturation.


Set the TV picture finally help the best indicator of shade. It is desirable for it to be 50%.
Sharpness must be set to? 0? if you watch movies from DVD or BD as HD.

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