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How to set up the Task Manager

How to set up the Task Manager

For a clear and well-functioning of any software necessary to make its setting.

Setting usually takes place directly after the start of the program.

Some programs can only be set when editing the special files, such as files, operating system registry.

For the Task Manager, which is included with the system, settings are still at installation.

You will need

  • "Task Manager" Built-in utility.



If you have never experienced thissystem utility, you can quickly fix it. Just press a combination of 3 keys: Ctrl + Alt + Del (Ctrl + Shift + Esc). You will see the main program window. To navigate between sections of the program provides the appropriate tabs, each of which allows you to perform certain tasks. Generally, an ordinary Windows operating system used by the user when he hangs certain processes.


Programmers it is used forinterrupt (IRQ), which help to define the problem of system crashes. By value, you can find the interrupt is responsible for what in the system of the particular process. By default, this value is hidden using the menu on the program settings, you can force the program to display the interruption. In the "View", then click "Select Columns" main window click the top menu.


In the window you will see a lot ofparameters that do not appear in the "Task Manager". Check the box opposite the item "Process ID" and click "OK". In the main window, on the tab "Processes" will be an additional column. Note the tab on which you are. For 3 of the 5 existing tab, this function will not be available, so the move to the tab "Processes", then proceed as above described actions.


Among other settings, this utility can be identified"Update Rate". The default is "Normal" (refresh rate). In principle, the change in this value is only relevance of the displayed data may be affected.

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