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How to set up the tablet

How to set up the tablet

Graphic tablet - something versatile and convenient.

He liked not only designers and artists, but also business people, students and all lovers of digital creation.

With it improves the quality and speed of work.



To get started with the tablet, you need to connect it to your computer and install the drivers. You can use the enclosed driver from the Internet or download the latest version.


tablet settings can be specific todifferent programs. Take, for example, Photoshop. Open the Control Panel (on a par with the selected application) and select the appropriate icon for the new device. There is a presented the following tabs: Buttons (to adjust the pencil button), Basic (specified tablet parameters), Tracking Mode (selected binding to the coordinate system), Test (test mode).


Functions for the left and right of the tablet buttonsset of your choice by using the menu item? Shortcut ?. In the standard version it is Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Space, duplicate left and right. To change the need to specify the? Name? (Key combination) key and assigned to it the action. For example, the basic functions: reusable cancellation action (Ctrl + Alt + Z), hide-expand all panel (Tab), switching to manual? mode (? space?), duplication of the active layer (Ctrl + J), create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N), call another application or the pop-up menu (Pop-up Menu) or any other.


It makes sense to adjust the lateral sensory strip, replacing, for example, the function of an arbitrary zoom at the touch function on the movement up and down the lineup and Undo / Redo.


Setting pop-up menu (used for? Lack of hot keys), and includes a list of items available for selection and editing: curves, levels, brightness, brush, standard colors, switching colors and so forth.


Securely stored Wacom_Tablet.dat file is useful for restoring the received settings when a malfunction in the system.


The setting parameters of the tablet is better to start withexhibiting a pencil pressure sensitivity (separately for Photoshop or once for each of the applications depending on your tablet model). For this large-diameter brush creates a test pattern and comparing the force pressing and line thickness of your chosen sensitivity level, creates a personal touch. Next, set up the brush (numeric or visual method):.. Their shape, continuity (smoothness), transparency (depending on the pressing force), etc. The dynamics of the changes reflected in the bottom window. Novice users can leave the existing settings.

Disclosure of all the many possibilities of the tablet will take place along with the growth of your professionalism and creativity.

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