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How to set up the receiver to a satellite dish

How to set up the receiver to a satellite dish

Satellite TV allows you to watch programs in very high quality with special satellite receivers (tuners).

However, to enjoy viewing high-quality programs, you must first install and configure the equipment correctly.

You will need

  • - TV-
  • - satellite antenna-
  • - satellite receiver.



Pull the cable from the satellite dish to thereceiver and connect to the corresponding jack on the rear panel, which is usually indicated by «IF Input» or «LNB IN». Next, perform the connections to the TV video input via Scart-connector, or "tulip" type connector. In order not to make a mistake, try to connect the video to the yellow jack and the audio - the black and the red. Refer to the letter designations on the rear panel.


Turn on the receiver. Following the instructions in your TV, switch to the correct channel. If you do it right, you will see the image on the screen with the logo of the receiver. Here you will see a list of satellite channels to which you have subscribed. Call list can usually be as pressing "the Menu" button and then "OK" button, which you will find on the remote control to the receiver or on the front panel. Select settings Russian language, then set the appropriate time settings and output the video signal. If the device asks for a PIN, try a combination of 1234 or 0000.


Go to the settings menu of the satellite. Select the appropriate satellite and select the appropriate port. Usually it is DiSEqC. Because instructions to the receiver to find out, through which inputs are connecting satellite converters, and then select the appropriate values ​​in the menu. Make the satellite signal scan by pressing the appropriate key on the remote control or by selecting the item in the setup menu. Note that modern TVs have the ability to auto-scan the satellite signal and the different channels, so the signal transmission can begin immediately after selecting a suitable companion. Do not forget to save the configured settings.

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