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How to adjust the radio tape recorder

How to adjust the radio tape recorder</a>

In our time it is already difficult to find a car that does not have at least a simple sound system. However, to install a radio tape recorder and speakers are still half the battle.

It is necessary to adjust the sound in such a way that it was pleasant to listen to it.



If your car radio has the ability to configureSeparate frequencies for each individual speaker - use this and redirect the bass to larger speakers, best adapted for this (usually located at the rear). If you have a subwoofer, then it usually has a separate section of settings.


Using Fade and Balance tools, setSound picture in the most comfortable way for you. Music, as a rule, has a stereo format, therefore four (and more) columns for its reproduction are not obligatory. However, if your speakers reproduce different frequencies, it makes sense to experiment with highlighting some of them from the overall picture.


Adjust the level of loudness so that low frequencies are not lost at low playback volume, but do not hum at high.


If necessary, correct the frequency picture of your sound. These settings are very individual and depend on the listener's perception, such as the speaker system and the genre of the music being listened to.


When listening to music, adjust the settings until you are satisfied.

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