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How to set up the radio

How to set up the radio

Nowadays it is hard to find a car that is not equipped with even the simplest sound system. However, to install the radio and speakers - even half the battle.

We still have to adjust the sound so that it was a pleasure to listen to.



If your tape recorder has the ability to customizeseparate frequencies for each individual speaker - use this and redirect the low frequency dynamics of larger, the best way for this device (usually located in the back). If you have a subwoofer is present, then it is usually present a separate configuration section.


Use the Fade tool and set the Balancesound picture of the most comfortable way for you. Music typically has a stereo, so the four (or more) columns are not required for reproduction. However, if your speakers reproduce different frequency, it makes sense to experiment with the release of some of them out of the picture.


Adjust the loudness so that low frequencies are not lost at a lower playback volume, but not buzzing at high.


If necessary Adjust the frequency picture of your sound. These settings are very individual and depends on the listener's perception, the speaker type and your listening music.


Listening to music, to tinker with the settings until then, until you are satisfied.

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