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In modern life has long been firmly present radio. It all started with the development of the radio era more than one hundred years ago.

Today, with the help of people listen to the radio, not only music, but also learn the latest news, listen to reports on events in many parts of the world.

But it is not only through the radio you can listen to radio broadcasts and radio stations.

& Nbsp-The owners of personal computersoften installed WinAmp program. It is very easy to listen to music files in mp3 format. But she still has one interesting feature & ndash- is listening to Internet radio stations. Of course, these functions are nothing new, sometimes it is enough to visit the site of the popular radio station and listen to broadcast over the Internet. But WinAmp offers users nearly 9,000 radio stations. And not just any offer and sorts by the style and the language and country.

How to set up a radio program WinAmp

To adjust the radio correctly, you need toWinAmp player to install an optional component WinAmp Library. It is available for download from the Web site of the manufacturer. Download and install additional components, launch WinAmp. Getting set up the radio. Go to Settings & laquo-& raquo- and Online Media tab, set the number of radio stations to listen to. By default, they found a total of 600 stations, and the Internet of their number in the thousands. Set the value with the stock & ndash- 20 thousand. We leave from the player when you are going to do the search for radio stations.

Select Internet Radio in the menu. Then, in the window on the right will activate the Refresh button. The download list of available radio stations. From this moment you can listen to the radio.

To adjust the radio properly, you need touse filtering the list by styles. To do this, Genre menu, you can specify multiple types of music - classical, rock, pop, jazz, etc., and you can select the country. If the user in the list of priorities is not only music, but also the news, you can activate the filter by topic & ndash- politics, sports, news of the region. In addition, there is a radio station search function by name. Selecting a radio station that interested, activate the playback or by using the Play button, or by double-clicking the mouse. Like the radio stations can be stored in its list of & laquo-Elect & raquo-.

With the help can be found in the WinAmp playerInternet radio stations are many very unexpected. Foreign radio amateurs often broadcast on the Internet & laquo-& raquo- intercepted by police or air traffic control radio communications. In short, the survey of radio entertaining the same thing as a simple & laquo-fermentation & raquo- over the Internet. In the study of radio stations will take a few months time and considerable gigabyte traffic.

Keep in mind that WinAmp in radio modeIt uses about 62 megabytes of Internet traffic per hour of listening. Radio stations transmit at 128 kbit / c, so the owners of the limited packages should take account of this fact.

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