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How to setup Samsung GT phone


How to setup a Samsung GT-s3650 phone</a>

Mobile phone Samsung GT-s3650 has many functions, with which you can choose entertainment to your liking.

In order to configure and optimize the phone, you need to perform a number of simple operations.



The main weakness of Samsung phones -This is a weak speaker. Of course, in multimedia phones, the speaker is at a higher level than in the image models, but a small gain will not hurt. To customize tunes and music in principle, you can use a special program to enhance the sound of Mp3Gain or specialized editors such as Adobe Audition and Sony Sound Forge. When using Mp3Gain, it is worth saving the files received during editing as a copy, because after applying the changes you can not change the loudness of the files to the previous one.


When using the music editor you haveThere is an opportunity not only to change the volume of music, but also to edit the tone of each track. The fact is that the speaker of the cell phone is adapted primarily for playing high and medium frequencies, and the standard increase of the melody can badly affect its sound on the phone. Use the "Graphic EQ" effect to enhance high and medium frequencies while reducing the low. After that it is desirable to use such effects as "Normalization" and "Volume Up". Be sure to listen to the melody on the phone to be absolutely sure about the sound you want.


Optimize access to the Internet. The built-in browser can cope with the download of most pages, but there is a browser that can reduce the cost of traffic by sixty to eighty percent. This is the Opera mini browser. When you use it, the information you need first passes through the server opera.com, where it is processed and compressed and only then sent to your computer. You can minimize your costs of using the Internet by disabling the download of items such as pictures.


The best option for personalizing your phoneIs a connection using a data cable. As a rule, both the wire and the driver disk can be found in the bundle to the phone, otherwise you will need to download the drivers and buy the data cable separately. Install the software, and then connect the phone to the computer.

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