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How to set up the phone Samsung GT

How to set up the phone Samsung GT-s3650

Mobile phone Samsung GT-s3650 has many features, with which you can select the game to taste.

In order to configure and optimize your phone, you need to make a number of simple operations.



The main weak point of Samsung brand phones -this is a weak speaker. Of course, in the multimedia speaker phones at a higher level than in the image model, but a slight increase does not hurt. To set ring tones and music, in principle, you can use a special program to enhance the sound or Mp3Gain specialized editors, such as Adobe Audition and Sony Sound Forge. When using Mp3Gain is to save files obtained by editing, as copies, because after applying changes, you can not change the files on the old gromkkost.


When using music editor youIt has the opportunity to not only change the volume of the music, but also to edit the tone of each track. The fact that the cellular phone speaker is adapted primarily for reproducing mid and high frequencies, and improving the standard tones can badly affect its sound on the phone. Use the effect of "Graphic EQ" to enhance the high and medium frequencies while reducing low. After that, it is desirable to use such effects as "normalization" and "Increase volume." Be sure to listen for the ringtone to be absolutely sure of the correct sound.


Optimize your internet connection. The integrated browser can handle loading most pages, but there is a browser that can reduce the cost of traffic at the sixty to eighty percent. This browser Opera mini. When using the information you need opera.com first passes through the server, where it is processed and compressed, and only then sent to your computer. You can minimize the cost of using the Internet, disabling download elements such as images.


The best option to personalize your phonea connection using the data cable. As a rule, and the wire, and a CD with drivers you can find in the phone configuration, otherwise you will need to download a driver and buy a separate data cable. Install the software, and then connect your phone to your computer.

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