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How to set up a network between the computer and noutom

How to set up a network between the computer

Setting up a home network the Internet between the PC and notebook is a necessary task to complete the work, study and entertainment.

How to set up a network between "computer" and "noutom"?

You will need

  • - svitch-
  • - WiFi router-
  • - Wires.



The use of the wires and the switch - thethe traditional way of building a home network. Switch - a switch that will allow you to share the Internet to multiple users (or multiple devices). Common wire is connected to the zero slot splitter, additional wires go to the "noutu" and "my computer".


Next, create a network connection. In the "Start" menu, select the tab "Network Connections" ( "Network and Internet"), "Creation of a new high-speed connection" option. Each point should have its own mac-address (it is provided by your ISP).


To change the mac-address and detailed settingsyou need to right click on the Create New Connection, select "Properties" and make known information into an empty or incorrectly filled fields. If you do not print with the desired values, you can call the operator to setup and learn.


WiFi router - a safe and convenient device forcreating a network between the "computer" and "noutom". First you need to connect the internet cable to the router, to put an additional wire between the network card slot PC and WiFi devices. Connect the router to the power supply, turn it on (the indicator will light up).


Create a new high-speed connection, enter the mac and ip address. Check the operation of a desktop computer.


If the Internet on your computer is configured, startto WiFi distribution. To do this, create a new laptop on a wireless connection, enter the known data. Reboot the router by pressing the power button and holding the switch for 5-10 seconds.

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