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How to configure a network between a computer and a laptop


How to configure a network between a computer</a>

Setting up a home Internet network between a personal computer and a laptop is a necessary task for full-time work, study and entertainment.

How to configure the network between the "computer" and "laptop"?

You will need

  • - switch-
  • - WiFi router-
  • Wires.



The use of wires and a switch is the mostThe traditional way of building a home network. Switch is a switch that will allow you to divide the Internet into several users (or to different devices). The common wire is connected to the zero slot of the splitter, additional wires go to the "laptop" and "computer".


Next, create network connections. From the Start menu, select the Network Connections tab (Network and Internet), Create a new high-speed connection. Each point must have its own mac-address (it is provided by the provider).


To change the mac address and detailed settingsYou need to right-click on the created connection, select the "Properties" item and enter the known information into empty or incorrectly filled fields. If you do not have a printout with the required values, you can call the operator and find out the settings.


WiFi router is a reliable and convenient device forCreating a network between the "computer" and "laptop". First you need to connect an Internet cable to the router, an additional wire between the slot of the network card of the PC and the WiFi device. Connect the router to the mains voltage, turn it on (the indicator should light).


Create a new high-speed connection, enter mac and ip addresses. Check the operation of the desktop computer.


If the Internet on your computer is configured, proceedTo the distribution of WiFi. To do this, create a new wireless connection on the laptop, enter the known data. Restart the router by pressing the power button and holding it for 5-10 seconds.

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