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How to set up the laser

How do I set a laser

It is known that customize any laser - is not easy.

Expensive cars have built-in laserpointer, working on the basis of the red laser diode for setting devices "simpler" can use the following option - "shoot" a beam on paper targets, fixed on the mirrors.



Carefully disassemble lasertion pointer using wire cutters.


Take charge. She mounted diode switching Micro button, the lens and the protective diode (nutrition).
Remove button, "obkusite" cost cutters (to shorten it) to the diode, solder the power wires. For power laserand use the same components as used in the lasertion orders. Solder the wires to them.


Secure the tape supply elements. On the back side laserand attach a piece of foam (preferably with glue) and wrap the whole construction tape.


A piece of foam from the back side of your lasertion indicator must be of a size so that you can fix it in the socket lasertion of the radiator, and it is necessary for it to be soft enough, and that can damage the semitransparent mirror installed in the socket. Before you fix laserny pointer in the socket, you will have to make a rough setting - you need to laserbeam is hit the target.


Now turn off laserny engraver, mount laserny pointer in the socket laserand and have to align the beam laserdiode with a mark on the target by shooting laserth. Thus, the beam of red lasertion indicator located exactly along the line staff lasertion of the radiator. Now you can start setting up the optical path lasertion engraver.


After combining beams of red lasertion pointer and staff lasertion of the radiator can start adjusting the optical path lasertion engraver. To do this, attach a paper target, and by moving the mirror hands on the Y axis, achieve the beam hit the target accurately on the minimum and maximum distance from the first mirror.


After setting the second mirror, adjustthe passage of the beam from the second to the third mirror, place the target on the second mirror, and move the hands of the cutting head carriage on the axis X. Turn adjust screw on the second mirror. Your beam has to hit the center of the target to a minimum and a maximum distance of the third mirror of the second.


Now remove the target from the third mirror anddetermine the focal length, putting on the table a piece of paper, rotating the screw lowering / lifting table. There remains one procedure - setting the third mirror of the optical path lasertion engraver. With red lasertion pointer to do it will not be difficult - atsheet of paper is visible in the focused point of the halo of pale red spots. Turn the adjustment screws on the third mirror, until you get hit a focused point in the center of the halo. The best way to do this setting in the dark.


At the end of the settings will expose again the focal length by turning the screw lowering / lifting table. Measure focus - away from the paper to the bottom of the cutting head.

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