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How to setup Canon canon 550d camera

How to setup Canon canon 550d camera </a>

Canon's technique is popular and loved around the world. The American company gives hope to beginning photographers with the slogan: Canon - You Can.

Camera Canon 550d will help you get stunning pictures, if you properly configure it, of course.

General settings

Custom settings do not have a directAttitude to the process of shooting, but greatly facilitate it, adjusting the camera's menu to your convenience. By pressing the Menu button above the device screen, you will be taken to the general settings.
Go through all the items in each tab. After you set up the Russian language, and you can do it in the second tab, you'll understand everything else easily, and you can easily cope with this task. Much more interesting to learn how to perform some settings directly on the survey itself.

Selecting a Shooting Mode

The Canon 550d has several automatic andCreative shooting modes. Automatic: portrait, night portrait, landscape, sport and macro, for that and automatic, to independently adjust the aperture, shutter speed, photosensitivity, etc.
The rest, creative, need interference from the photographer. For example, A-DEP mode performs an auto-exposure function, controlling the sharpness of the image.
The Tv mode is used when you need toTake a photo with the longest or shortest shutter speed. Av, on the contrary, is set to the priority of the aperture - it controls the amount of incoming light. Mode P, software, allows the photographer to monitor ISO and other parameters, except the aperture and shutter speed.


Exposure compensation during photography plays the role ofExposure Compensator. To adjust exposure compensation to Canon 550d, press and hold the +/- button. In the appeared line you will see a scale from -2v to + 2v. If the subject is dark, and the frame needs to be lightened, scroll the diaphragm adjustment wheel to the right toward +. If the frame is light, then, on the contrary, to the left.
After the desired value is set, release the "+/-" button, and the changes take effect.

White balance

On Canon 550d, as on mostCameras, it is possible to adjust the white balance. This parameter must be selected in accordance with the main source of color. If you photograph in nature, then the balance can be left in automatic mode, because The sun will be the main source of light.
To align the color and adjust the balance, go to the WB menu by pressing the appropriate button on the camera body. The WB button is next to the navigation buttons.


The button for the ISO sensitivity is located at the top of the camera next to the power button.
Clicking on it, you can choose the one you needThe value from 100 to 6400. This value depends on how much the camera's matrix will feel the light that hits it. The darker the terrain where you shoot, the higher the ISO value should be.

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