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How to set up the camera canon 550d

How do I set the camera canon 550d

Canon Technology known and loved around the world. The American company is encouraging to novice photographers slogan: Canon - You Can.

Canon 550d camera will get great pictures, if it is properly set up, of course.

General settings

User settings are not directlyrelation to the process of shooting, however, it is much easier, adjusting the camera menu for your convenience. Pressing the Menu button on the device screen, you will get to the general settings.
Take a walk through all the items in each tab. After you configure the Russian language, and it can be done in the second tab of the account, to understand all the rest will be easy, with this task you can easily manage. Much more interesting to know how to perform some settings directly at the shooting.

Selecting a Shooting Mode

At Canon 550d has several automatic andCreative shooting modes. Automatic: portrait, night portrait, landscape, sport and macro, and then on automatically to customize the aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity, and others.
The rest, creativity, need for intervention on the part of the photographer. For example, A-DEP mode performs the function of the AE controlling the sharpness of the image.
Tv mode is used when you need totake a photo with a maximum long or short exposure. The Av, on the contrary, is set to Aperture Priority - controls the amount of incoming light. P mode, the software enables the photographer to control the ISO and other parameters, in addition to the aperture and shutter speed.


Compensation for taking the picture acts as acompensator exposure. To adjust the exposure compensation on the Canon 550d, press and hold the "+/-". The line appears, you will see a scale from -2v to + 2v. If the subject is dark, and the need to lighten the frame, scroll wheel iris control right in the direction of "+". If the light frame, on the contrary, to the left.
After the value that you need to be exposed, release the button "+/-", and the changes take effect.

white Balance

At Canon 550d, as in mostcameras, it is possible to adjust the white balance. This option should be selected in accordance with the basic colors of the source. If you're shooting outdoors, the balance can be left in automatic mode, because sun and will be the main source of light.
To align and adjust the color balance, go to the WB menu by pressing the corresponding button on the camera body. WB button is located next to the navigation.


The button is responsible for the sensitivity (ISO) is at the top of the camera next to the power button.
By clicking on it, you can select your desiredvalue from 100 to 6400. From this value depends on how the camera matrix will feel it falling on the light. The darker the area, where you take the shot, the higher should be the ISO value.

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