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How to set up printer printing


How to set up printer printing</a>

Typically, the standard print settings provided by default when connecting the printer, it is enough to work with it. But it may be necessary to change the settings.

You can configure printer printing by selecting the appropriate option in your computer's settings.

The proposed settings for different printers can have a variety of options, but, nevertheless, the general print adjustment scheme is standard.



Click the? Start -> Control Panel.


In the opened folder, select? Printers and other equipment.


From the suggested icons, the opened folder, select? Printers and Faxes.


After opening, you will see all the printers and other printing devices of your computer. Select the one you want to configure.


In the left part of the window, the task bar will open. Select Print Print Settings.


A dialog box appears. For different printers, it looks different, but the standard startup suggestions are likely to be the orientation setting. Select the one you want from the Location tab.


Also from the list? Pages on the sheet you can select the required number of pages that will be printed on one sheet of paper.


You can change the order of the print direction inParagraph? Order of pages. Select the checkbox from the beginning to the end or from the end to the beginning. Selecting the order, will help ease the convenience of assembling multipage documents.


In the tab?Paper / Quality, you can select the print quality for a particular type of paper. The level of print quality depends on the number of dots per inch. Here you can use both numbers and options for quality levels: low, medium, high. You can also select the paper source from the list?


If there are options, select the paper type that you are using.


Here you can select the printing mode (black and white or color), if the printer has color printing.


For other, more complex settings, you can selectButton? Advanced. Here you can change all possible print settings. Typically, this function is not used to configure the printer to print to standard documents.

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